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Mizar's blog

6:13 AM on 05.31.2007

The Alone in the Dark 5 trailer

This is the first in a series of trailers and other gaming-related movies that I'm going to share with you all, in hopes of coercing you all into buying whatever I'm pushing. 'Cause, you know, stimulating the economy fights terrorism and stuff.

I'll think of a witty name to go with these posts when I'm less buzzed (...or more buzzed?).

[Update] Damn it to hell. Lemme fix this, and I'll get back to you. For now, here's a pic to keep things pretty, and a link to the vid.


5:01 AM on 05.31.2007

It's like one giant blogging circle jerk.

I just had a magnificent idea: when someone, like, posts a comment on your blog, you, like, post one on one of their blog posts. 'Cause you know, sharing makes the world go 'round.   read

4:53 AM on 05.31.2007

What's a blag?

I wonder... if anyone else but me will ever see this...   read

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