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Mista Smegheneghan's blog

9:30 AM on 02.11.2008

UK Gamers, read here!

If you live in the UK, you know that getting games months after the US and Japan is a cause for anger and imports. With handheld games, this is fine as there are no region locks on DS and PSP games. But with home consoles, th...   read

1:23 AM on 01.11.2008

Today brings us Olimar's Special Moves.

Today's Brawl update is, rather obviously, Olimar's Special Moves. As you guessed, most of his attacks are dependent on his having Pikmin, and the type you have will affect your attacks slightly. B-Neutral: Pikmin Pluck Ye...   read

1:47 AM on 01.10.2008

Watch out, 'tis Snake's Final Smash.

Today's Brawl update gives us Snake's Final Smash. It's called: The Grenade Launcher. Use it, and he looks like he's calling someone. Then… Gravity Jump! In the air, he grabs what is apparently a rope ladder from the hel...   read

1:29 AM on 01.09.2008

Challenger Approaching!

That's right, a new Character! I had a gut feeling he'd be in it. Preeeesenting.... Pikmin and Olimar! This is made of pure freakin' win! He shall apparently join the fray with the Pikmin in tow and can pluck them from t...   read

1:31 AM on 01.08.2008

Another new addition for PSP. In 2009, we'll get…

…the Official Keyboard! Sony have said they're hard at work on making one, and should be ready mid 2009. The above is a Logitech, but it was aborted. Here's the link.   read

1:16 AM on 01.07.2008

Now there'll be GPS for the PSP...

It seems that Sony are adamant in turning their handheld into a multimedia device that does everything except feed the cat. (which will likely come in '09) After the revelation that there'd be Skype on the PSP, it seems now ...   read

12:14 PM on 12.28.2007

Double DOJO Update and a notice.

By the way, I couldn't care less if this is up after BlindsideDork's post. Anyway, there was a notice up on the DOJO stating that there will be no more updates until January the 7th. Nice to know I have nothing to look forwa...   read

4:59 AM on 12.27.2007

They're on a Trophy kick now... Coin Launcher released on Brawl.

I'm not sure what the dev team over at the DOJO are on, but it's giving random results. Today, the Lottery has been binned for the Coin Launcher. Yes, it's like those coin rolling things that are set up in school fairs. Jus...   read

5:17 AM on 12.26.2007

Happy December-based holiday! DOJO Update for today is the Trophy Stand.

Hope that anyone who had Christmas yesterday had a good time. To anyone else, I hope you had a good December 25th. Anyway, today's Dojo Update is the Trophy Stand. Like the Melée game, it's possible to get trophies of your e...   read

3:30 AM on 12.24.2007

Okay, this isn't what we meant by "Character Updates"...

Today's DOJO! update is Wario's costumes. Here he is, in his Wario Ware togs, ready to eat your entire head O_o But now, like Peach and her Daisy colours in a way, you can now get... …the Origianl Wario costume! if you've...   read

1:47 AM on 12.21.2007

New movie! Subspace Emissary Preview is up!

Today brings a movie to the DOJO! page. As you can tell, it's a preview of the Adventure mode. The movie is down below as I also manage to learn how to get the effing video into the blog! Wooh! Click the above link to go to...   read

1:58 AM on 12.20.2007

Well, how about that... a Character Update: Kirby's hats.

Today's DOJO update brought us the Kirby Hats. but first it shows how his standard B-Attack works: Suck 'em in... …and get a hat. It's Kirby Mario! And, to whet our appetites, they've given us another 17 of them: The Wa...   read

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