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9:30 AM on 02.11.2008

UK Gamers, read here!

If you live in the UK, you know that getting games months after the US and Japan is a cause for anger and imports. With handheld games, this is fine as there are no region locks on DS and PSP games. But with home consoles, this has been getting to be a bit bothersome.

An example of this is the release of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Brawl has been released in Japan for almost a month, and releases in the US on the 9th of March. But the best that Europeans get is "second quarter of 2008". I know that it's not to be whinged about (Australia has no release date, pity them) but it's still a few months after it's been released in two of the major gaming continents.

There are times when Europe gets a game before the US or Japan, but whenever this happens there tend to be problems with translations or text (anyone who got The Minish Cap would know about this).

The reason that most games get delayed in the UK is because of translations and localisation. Most people in the UK speak english as their first language, so translating a game into a bunch of languages we aren't likely to use is a waste of time. And this isn't the age of when TVs in the UK only run on 50Hz. Most of the TVs we have can and will run without 50Hz quite easily now. If you believe the UK should be split up from Europe in terms of release dates, then click here and sign the petition. I didn't create the petition, but have signed it, and all British gamers should too if they want less delays in terms of new games.   read

1:23 AM on 01.11.2008

Today brings us Olimar's Special Moves.

Today's Brawl update is, rather obviously, Olimar's Special Moves. As you guessed, most of his attacks are dependent on his having Pikmin, and the type you have will affect your attacks slightly.

B-Neutral: Pikmin Pluck

Yeah, there he goes. Getting those Pikmin. Not much to say on this pic.

You can have up to 6 Pikmin following you, and you can get a Pikmin with this attack so long as you're on solid ground. Also, different Pikmin are more likely to appear in different levels. Like Pikmin 2, there are 5 types of pikmin Olimar can use. They are:

Red Pikmin

It has a high attack power, its attacks are fire-based and it's immune to fire. So, just like the original game with the addition of fire attacks.

Yellow Pikmin

These can be thrown further and have a slight arc when thrown, they're easy to hit enemies with and have an electric property when attacking enemies. Same as Pikmin 2 with the added property. Its ears look wierd though. Probably just me :S

Blue Pikmin

Not much to say here 'cept they're strong when thrown and they'll last longer than other Pikmin.

Purple Pikmin

Not the most agile of the Pikmin, but it has a very high attack power and will slam onto enemies when thrown.

White Pikmin

The quickest of the five, when this type is thrown, it'll do poison damage when latched on to a character.

You'll be able to tell which Pikmin you'll throw next by seeing which one's directly behind you whilst you walk.

Also, it looks like they may be arranged by whether they have a leaf, bud or flower.

You will need Pikmin to pull off Smash attacks, some midair attacks and throws. So if your team dies, pull up another bunch, or you're in the brown stinky stuff.

At least the Pikmin have souls... which normally disintegrate in the first strong wind they encounter :(

And now, for the rest of the Special attacks.

B-Forward: Pikmin Throw

See Diddy? I told you you shouldn't've smirked at them! They're crazy!


The Pikmin will do damage for as long as they're attached, and the more there are, the faster damage is accumulated.

Up-B: Pikmin Chain

Imagine seeing him do this in the original game! It would've been a laugh. Anyway, as you can probably tell, the more Pikmin you have, the greater your chance of survival.

Down-B: Pikmin Order

Whistle for any Pikmin that've strayed from the pack. This'll also change the Pikmin that gets thrown first.

Sakurai assures the reader that the way he plays is easier than it looks.

…uh-huh. Right.

And, just to keep people from thhinking otherwise, that isn't Louie, that particular Olimar just has a Yellow Pikmin stuck in his skull. He's taunted by his fellow shipmates because of this.

And those were the special moves. New character Monday please?! (although it isn't very likely, we'll probably get Olimar's Final Smash)

Also, something for Pokémon Diamond/Pearl Fans, play Pokémon D/P on the 12th. Look here for info.   read

1:47 AM on 01.10.2008

Watch out, 'tis Snake's Final Smash.

Today's Brawl update gives us Snake's Final Smash. It's called:

The Grenade Launcher.

Use it, and he looks like he's calling someone. Then…

Gravity Jump!

In the air, he grabs what is apparently a rope ladder from the helicopter he called in, and takes aim.

Dunno about you, but that may get annoying in some battles.

Once you can move the aiming reticule, press the Attack Button to fire. You get 6 shots but, like the special ops agent he is, he isn't going to go around without ammo.

He just reloads! Does Pit look as if he's burning up on re-entry?

Anyway, you can keep shooting until you either run out of time for the Smash, or after you've unloaded 12 shots on the targ- I mean characters in the background.

He then climbes up the ladder and returns to the front lines, where there'll be some very annoyed combatants.

Sakurai suggests that you "shoot all your rounds rather than run out of time leaving ammo behind" and says if you shoot indiscriminantly, your shots may be dodged.

He also suggests to aim at two people who are fighting with each other. Rather cheap isn't it? I say aim at whoever's avoiding the fight. Teach them a lesson.   read

1:29 AM on 01.09.2008

Challenger Approaching!

That's right, a new Character! I had a gut feeling he'd be in it. Preeeesenting.... Pikmin and Olimar!

This is made of pure freakin' win!

He shall apparently join the fray with the Pikmin in tow and can pluck them from the ground as his allies. Whether this means he can get more of them or nnot is beyond me. But Without the Pikmin, Olimar can't pull off a Final Smash, and the Pikmin tend to scatter sometimes too, apparently.

But, holy crap man! This is something worth waking up to!

The Pikmin's eyes... they look like they can pierce YOUR SOUL!

Olimar and the 'Min down in Norfair. I'll bet the red one survives the heat.

Yes. Just yes.

You can laugh, Diddy, but before you know it, you're Health Pie will be in the red, then BAM! 50 Pikmin.

If you're wondering, I'm only going to do Character Updates. But seriously, I wonder how he'll play. I can think of what his Alt. suits will be and how he'll grab (probably). He is now the first character I'm gonna play when this gem comes out.

PS. I'm slow on the uptake.

PPS: There was a remixed version of the World Map, but I can't seem to embed it :S   read

1:31 AM on 01.08.2008

Another new addition for PSP. In 2009, we'll get…

…the Official Keyboard! Sony have said they're hard at work on making one, and should be ready mid 2009.

The above is a Logitech, but it was aborted.

Here's the link.   read

1:16 AM on 01.07.2008

Now there'll be GPS for the PSP...

It seems that Sony are adamant in turning their handheld into a multimedia device that does everything except feed the cat. (which will likely come in '09)

After the revelation that there'd be Skype on the PSP, it seems now that there'll be a GPS Peripheral coming to it.

Now you'll never be lost :B

As it says on the Sony Website:

"Explore the world with GPS on your PSP. Utlizing the GPS peripheral and the latest mapping software on UMD, your PSP will provide 2D/3D locations, driving directions, POI's, and even downloadable city guides. With an easy search feature and customizable settings, GPS on PSP is the easiest way to navigate new areas and cities."

Here's the Kotaku link, as linking to the Sony website may not work due to its Flash Nature.

I'd make a crack about the games but it's too early in the morning and I can't think of one. -.-   read

12:14 PM on 12.28.2007

Double DOJO Update and a notice.

By the way, I couldn't care less if this is up after BlindsideDork's post.

Anyway, there was a notice up on the DOJO stating that there will be no more updates until January the 7th. Nice to know I have nothing to look forward to. Oh well, more revision for me. I wanna sleeeeeeeep... *sob*

The first update today was:

The Dragoon

In all its colourful and Air-Ridey glory.

It's split up into 3 bits:

1. The Nosecone
2. The Hull
3. The Tail

Get them all, and the player that successfully assembles (ie collects all three bits) will mount the Dragoon…

Like so, then aim…

Always the fat one, isn't it… then…

FIRE! I can just see this being made into an "OSHI-!" icon.

The target normally then makes friends with either the background or the screen. It's considered a 1-hit KO.

Pick up a piece, and it'll show which part you have, so that you don't forget which ones you have. And, like the Battle mode on Super Mario Bros. 3, to get people to drop the pieces (if you need them) you beat them up and they'll drop it. Lovely!

As you can see here, a war will ensue for the tail piece. :B

Then came the second update, titled Share. This shows how to send and recieve photos and stages via the Interwebs. To receive data, you select Options in the Nintendo WFC Menu, then select "Accept" on Smash Service.

As seen here.

To be honest, I can't really get too far into this update as it's just the Wi-Fi data transfer stuff. It states that you can get data from Nintendo (which is labeled to show it's from the big N) and from friends, and that you can send data to multiple friends at once.

Something I saw while typing this post (and more'n likely already posted by D-Toid or a community blogger already) is a rumour concerning Brawl going gold. Look here for details. Matlock if you do so wish :)

EDIT: Of course, Blindside got the Gold up before me.   read

4:59 AM on 12.27.2007

They're on a Trophy kick now... Coin Launcher released on Brawl.

I'm not sure what the dev team over at the DOJO are on, but it's giving random results. Today, the Lottery has been binned for the Coin Launcher.

Yes, it's like those coin rolling things that are set up in school fairs. Just slightly crazy is all.

Apparently, Sakurai will have us "play every inch of this game!". At some point though, it does become slightly too much.

Anyway, this screen does the usual Menu thing; show where the game's located. It's in Vault, then Trophies and Stickers. Select Coin Launcher to start.

And the picture above this text is the game screen. Notice the Coins number? That's your ammo. And when the bar below the Coins is full, you get Rapid-Fire! This could mean coins are very easy to pick up.

Anyway, the aimer can turn left or right, and to get prizes (ie trophies and stickers) you must hit the trophy/sticker with a few coins.

Shown here is the player shooting at a Chain Chomp trophy, with the other things most likely being blockades.

And here is the player getting the trophy. It will show the total amount of trophies and stickers you have with the green number representing Trophies, and the red number representing Stickers. It will also show the last trophy or sticker you got.

Enemies that appear can be defeated for bonus points (most likely coins) and stickers.

Missiles will also appear and try and hit the launcher.

Like this.

If you don't shoot them down, you lose coins when they hit.

If this happens, be prepared to lose coins.

And it's possible to quit at any time. Press the Cancel button and…

…you're taken to the Results screen, showing you all the trophies and stickers you have earned. You can also choose to continue or leave.

The final part of the update states the various ways of earning coins, such as the Spectator Mode and other modes. And the more people that play Brawl, the more coins you will get.

Rather odd update today if you ask me. Take what you want from it.   read

5:17 AM on 12.26.2007

Happy December-based holiday! DOJO Update for today is the Trophy Stand.

Hope that anyone who had Christmas yesterday had a good time. To anyone else, I hope you had a good December 25th.

Anyway, today's Dojo Update is the Trophy Stand. Like the Melée game, it's possible to get trophies of your enemies, like the Fighting Wire Frames.

Or in this case, the Big Primid.

This time around though, the Brawl team have decided to make it more challenging to get such trophies. Now, to get an an enemy trophy, you must use this:

The Trophy Stand.

How it works is like a Pokéball from the Pokémon Series, to a certain extent. First weaken the enemy…

…like thus, and then, if you have a Trophy Stand (like the one in Peach's hand) and lob it at the enemy…


A trophy of whatever you hit, in this case, the Towtow.

All you have to do then is pick it up like an ordinary trophy, and it's yours to gaze and/or study.

Here is the TowTow close-up.

It's also possible to get boss trophies too, much like in Pokémon. And to show this, the Dojo team decide to show one of the more fearsome of the 3rd-Gen Ancient pokémon, Rayquaza, as an example.

Beat down that health bar, and don't use the Master Ball! What? oh, whoops, wrong game. But you get the general idea: beat up until the target's health is low enough, throw, pick up. That simple.
Plus, Sakurai has said that it will be possible to re-battle old bosses if you've cleared the game once already. By the way, I'm not sure if it was mentioned before (if it has, don't bitch, just gimme the link and I'll put it in) but there's a score system shown on-screen now. I just noticed this as typing though, so if it was mentioned before, I'll link to the page it was first posted on. It's a rather good thing though, the Trophy Stand, I think it'll add a bit of challenge to the game (ie for the collectors who'll want to save them until a certain time)   read

3:30 AM on 12.24.2007

Okay, this isn't what we meant by "Character Updates"...

Today's DOJO! update is Wario's costumes.

Here he is, in his Wario Ware togs, ready to eat your entire head O_o

But now, like Peach and her Daisy colours in a way, you can now get...

…the Origianl Wario costume! if you've not played the Wario Ware games, this is what you've most likely seen him wearing most of the time.

And, because he's an "exaggerated" version of Mario (huge, basically), the Dojo team have decided to pick on him:

As you can tell, this is what Mario will turn into, 5 years after he retires. Or is it...?

Anyway, to get this Classic costume, you basically go through the colour select until you reach it. You go through 6 colours to reach it.

The two Warios, shown side by side.

And, if that wasn't enough, there are separate colours for the classic costume too!


But yeah, this isn't really what we meant when we said Character Updates, damn it! We want new characters! I'm betting tomorrow will either be a new character, or just to piss us off, a new game mode.   read

1:47 AM on 12.21.2007

New movie! Subspace Emissary Preview is up!

Today brings a movie to the DOJO! page. As you can tell, it's a preview of the Adventure mode. The movie is down below as I also manage to learn how to get the effing video into the blog! Wooh!

Click the above link to go to the movie. It will open in a new window, so it may be blocked by pop-up blockers.

And, as far as the movie tells us, good old Bowser is on the Emissary's side, as it shows him shooting at Fox and Diddy. Plus, Samus can shoot Super Missiles (the green-tipped ones) from her arm cannon now instead of a blue-and-white-flamed missile. If that's been revealed, don't blam me, cause my memory is frazzled this time of the morning.   read

1:58 AM on 12.20.2007

Well, how about that... a Character Update: Kirby's hats.

Today's DOJO update brought us the Kirby Hats. but first it shows how his standard B-Attack works:

Suck 'em in...

…and get a hat. It's Kirby Mario!

And, to whet our appetites, they've given us another 17 of them:

The Wario Hat.

Princess Peach's crown (with Toad)

Link's hat (Master Sword not included)

Dedede's hat (there's probably a name for it, but I don't know what it is)

The Diddy hat (including all the bananas you can eat)

ZZS's ponytail.

Yoshi's head (and tongue)

Zelda hat (comes with auto-sleep)

DK fur (avoid coconut shys during use)

A Squirtle Shell and tail (no Squirtles were harmed in the making of this photo)

The Pikachu head and tail (Pikachus, on the other hand...)

Samus's Helmet (comes with plaster - batteries not included)

Fox ears (with weak gun)

Bowser hair and horns (with instant heartburn cure!)

Metaknight mask and wings (awesome included)

Pit's laurel and wings (the crazy cupid :P)

Solid Kirby (boy does not look good with a beard)

Holy freaking crap that took a while! What I wanna know is why the Dedede hat lets you inhale again. I was gonna make it into a quiz, but I'm sure I'd end up as a head on a stick outside BlindsideDork's house :S   read

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