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Misstawnii avatar 7:50 AM on 01.03.2010  (server time)
Long time no see.

Well, I am rubbish at this blog/review thing. Simple as.
Lots of game related things happened last year, so I may as well talk about them here. :3

So, I have started my University course, at the university of Bolton, UK. The course I am taking is Games Design (Bsc). :D I have been using the Unreal editor quite alot, and I am really enjoying it. I also done some usabilty testing on Little Big Planet, and recieved a 'first' for it. :D and started designing a 'Portals' boardgame. (Mechanics and all that jazz). Also, I've been doing some 3D Modelling of random objects such as a Nintendo 64, Playstation 3 controller and a hairdryer. I am pretty proud, considering I've never used 3DsMax before! :P

As I mentioned in my first post, is that I visited Japan! :D That was a pretty epic part of my last year. I recommend that anyone who loves gaming and anime, etcetc, to go and visit Akihabara. Like, now. Hehe. :D When over there, I saw Disgaea 2 on the PSP being realised with Red PSP. Also saw Another Code:R before it came out. Was pretty awesome seeing lots of un-released games in Japan. All my pictures of Japan are on my facebook, I guess venture there if you want to see them. (

Considering I am quite the gamer, I had my first experiences on a PSP this Christmas; I also recieved an iPod Touch. (FF:Crystal Defenders on the iPod Touch, is actually quite well made). The PSP games I recieved were: Crisis Core, Dissidia, Blade Dancer (Some JRPG) and Invisimals. Please never purchase Invisimals, unless you want the camera. It is pretty diabolical.
Anyone recommend any other good games for the PSP? Other than Disgaea; I will be purchasing them soon.

I promise I will keep this updated somewhat in the new year, as my Games Review module will be in full swing, so you guys will be reading my 'lovely' reviews of games.

Lastly, if you collect figurines, and love final fantasy IX, please buy the new PlayArts FFIX Figures of Zidane, ViVi and Garnet, they are so prettyful! <3 <3 The Dissidia figures are quite nice too; wish they were bigger though...

Hehe, Bye~ x

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