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Misstawnii avatar 7:26 AM on 05.18.2010  (server time)
Almost a year

So, I have almost completed my first year at uni, doing Games Design (Bsc) at The University of Bolton. Can't believe how much I have done in one year!

The modules that I have completed so far are: Game Art 1, Games Design 1, Synth and MIDI, Games Evaluation, and Games Scripting 1. I have made 3D models and textures which worked in the UT3 editor, I have made game trailer music for Prince of Persia and Medal of Honour, I have done EXTREMELY short reviews for indie games such as N, and I have coded my own Robot in Robot battles (which ranked very high in the in-class battles ;P)!

I never thought I would learn so much about games and their developers in one year, but realising how much I've learnt, I am excited about learning more! Hopefully in my next uni year, I'll be making more complex levels in UT3, maybe in Hammer too. I also can't wait to learn more scripting, so I can start making some simple games in Flash. :D

I think everyone who enjoys games, and is looking for a career in games should take up this course. Also, from doing this course I have found that opportunities have been jumping at me. xD A few people in my class got picked to do some games testing for 'iPlay', but what started as one game being tested is now 3 and counting! :D So getting my name in the credits for testing may help me start my professional career. :)

Anyways, everyone should do something this fun. ^_^

(Sorry for ranting on a little, heh)

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