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5:46 AM on 08.06.2011

Real-life pixels

Hello people of Destructoid.

So, a few weeks ago, I came across this really awesome style of game-art, and this art is created with Hama beads (Perler beads if you're American ;D). This art work is like real-life pixel art! Its awesome! People sell this awesome art too!
Although, there's nothing more satisfying than creating some awesome art by yourself. So I decided to buy a crazy amount of these beads and create my own art. Seems i'm pretty good at copying pixels with beads. :P

So, here are my favourite two that I've created so far. If you click on the names, you can even see a video of me making them! So you can make them yourself ;D

Prinny (Disgaea) "DOOD"



But yeah! Has anyone here heard of this kind of art before? Or has anyone here created something awesome already from these Hama/Perler beads?

I thought these were pretty cool, and wanted to share them with people that might appreciate it. :P

Thanks for reading.   read

7:43 AM on 02.21.2011

My preview of the 3DS

Last month, I had the opportunity to go and play on a 3DS, at their event being held in Manchester (UK). I was lucky enough to get a ticket, as I had previously been to Eurogamer last year. I was so excited when I got my e-ticket sent, but I was also a little worried. I was worried as the timeslots for the event were every 30minutes, so I assumed it would be a really brief look at the 3DS, but I was wrong.

Above: Me and my housemate creating our Miis.


Nintendo sure know how to create a good event, within a short time limit! The event was 1 hour overall, but there was so much content packed into the tour.
When we first got there, there was a group of about 20 people gathered in a small room, with Gameboys, Game and Watches, etc etc, in glass stands. There was also this awesome floor, interactive, thing. Really not sure what it was for though!
Anyways, the first room led us to a Street Fighter re-enactment. It was pretty good, but I couldn't stop laughing when they both 'used' Hadouken; they done the move but then stood in that pose for 5 seconds, just staring each other down, til they drew their match.
After this, characters from Resident evil started yelling at us, telling us to "Get down on the Floor!", "Grab onto the person in front, and pray for you life!" and of course "Watch out for zombies!". It was an experience; zombies grabbing onto my leg was not something I was expecting at a Nintendo event. BUT. It was very fun. :3
Straight after all the crazyness of the performances, we got to watch a preview video of all the announced games so far, for the 3DS. Then we moved onto playing it!

P.s. I also have a video showing the above things. I wasn't allowed to take videos of the 3DS though. :(
Click here to see!


I went to the event already wanting (and had pre-ordered) a 3DS, so obviously I had my opinion before even playing on one. However, my 'want' level rose twofold when I started playing 'Kid Icarus' and 'Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time'.
First of all, I really didn't know what to expect of the 3D side of things. I had no idea if it was going to be right in my face, or what. So I didn't feel disappointed or anything when I actually saw it. I found it to be quite a subtle 3D, so that it didn't hurt your eyes, but it made the graphics crystal clear, which was great! One issue I found whilst playing though, was when the 3DS was tiled to the side, even if it was slight, it broke the 3D. Doing this would make two of everything on the screen appear. So when playing the 3DS with the 3D turned on, you have to play it upright, and straight ahead.
When I used the slider bar to see if the 3D turned down gradually,I didn't really see the gradual effects, it was either on or off. Which wasn't really an issue for me, but I was expecting it to slowly go up and down, depending on where the slider was.

The size of the 3DS, was roughly the same as the DS Lite. It was also very light to hold, and it felt quite natural holding it.

I played quite a few games whilst I was there; the games being: Kid Icarus, Legend of Zelda, Street Fighter, Nintendogs and cats, and Lego Star wars.
I first played the demo of Kid Icarus, which was extremely fun. The graphics were lovely, voice acting was good, gameplay was good too, but I felt it was a little complicated without a stilus! (I asked for one, but wasn't allowed it) I can definitely see Kid Icarus being a cult game for the 3DS. I just think the controls for the game may take more than 5 minutes to learn!
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time was jut epic. Just seeing Link in 3D made my heart melt a little inside; the game I played growing up as a kid was being re-released. It just made me feel happy playing it. The demo I played was based inside of the Great Deku tree, where I was killing spiders and such. The gameplay felt very natural, and I found myself picking up the controls quickly, as opposed to Kid Icarus.
All of the other games I played were very good too, but I thought I would just talk about the main two in this post.

Other features that I got to try out was the Mii Maker feature.
All you have to do is hold the 3DS about 20/25CM away from your face, and take a picture of your face. The 3DS then takes your picture and creates a Mii for you! however, before you Mii appears, you have to tell the 3DS your gender, birthday, eye colour, hair colour and style, and height. Before using the Mii Maker, I thought it would grab your hair and eye colour from the picture, but it didn't. Once this information was processed it created my Mii! Which did look surprisingly like me, so I was quite happy with the result. For those who aren't happy with the end result, are able to alter the Mii to however they want!

Another feature I played with was the alternative reality cards! These were SOO FUN! Like, ridiculously fun. For this feature to work, you have to hold the 3DS about 30CM away from the card, and then wait about 5/10seconds for the 3DS to process the card. Once the card was processed, a set of targets around a circular table appeared on my screen. I had to hit the targets using the shoulder buttons, and as I moved the 3DS around the card, on the screen I was moving around the table. There was no lag what-so-ever! After shooting numerous targets, I found myself trying to find the last target. I was looking all around the card, until the 3DS told me to look into a hole that appeared on the screen. In that hole was the target I was missing! After that target, a dragon appeared on my screen, and I had to hit numerous parts of it's body to kill it. This then led to the end of the alternative reality.
I found myself super impressed by these cool features on the 3DS, and cannot wait to try more out!

Overall, I was very happy with what I saw and played and I am definately buying one, with Super Monkey Ball. (Although this will be traded in when Paper Mario comes out! <3)   read

7:26 AM on 05.18.2010

Almost a year

So, I have almost completed my first year at uni, doing Games Design (Bsc) at The University of Bolton. Can't believe how much I have done in one year!

The modules that I have completed so far are: Game Art 1, Games Design 1, Synth and MIDI, Games Evaluation, and Games Scripting 1. I have made 3D models and textures which worked in the UT3 editor, I have made game trailer music for Prince of Persia and Medal of Honour, I have done EXTREMELY short reviews for indie games such as N, and I have coded my own Robot in Robot battles (which ranked very high in the in-class battles ;P)!

I never thought I would learn so much about games and their developers in one year, but realising how much I've learnt, I am excited about learning more! Hopefully in my next uni year, I'll be making more complex levels in UT3, maybe in Hammer too. I also can't wait to learn more scripting, so I can start making some simple games in Flash. :D

I think everyone who enjoys games, and is looking for a career in games should take up this course. Also, from doing this course I have found that opportunities have been jumping at me. xD A few people in my class got picked to do some games testing for 'iPlay', but what started as one game being tested is now 3 and counting! :D So getting my name in the credits for testing may help me start my professional career. :)

Anyways, everyone should do something this fun. ^_^

(Sorry for ranting on a little, heh)   read

5:39 AM on 03.23.2010

Reviewing experimental games

I am doing a 3 year games design degree at the University of Bolton, UK. I am a first-year student and I have just started my reviewing section of my Games Evaluation module. :3 It is... interesting to say the least.

The games we are playing in class are all experimental games: such as 'Ulitsa Dimitrova', 'EveryDayTheSameDream', 'Star Guard' and 'Spectre'. I have really enjoyed all of these short and sweet games, regardless of a lack of story and graphics in some of them. I have found these games to be quite inspiring,and are driving me to make my own short experimental game whilst in uni. :D I mean, the teachers are encouraging us to make our own games to get our name out there, but seeing and playing these games, as well as reviewing them, is making me want to make my own so much more now. xD

What is the minimum amount of words you think a good games review would be?
Because I have to write between 30-100 words maximum, talking about the gameplay in the experimental games we are playing. At first I thought writing 30 words was crazy, and that I would struggle to write this amount of words to express an objective view of a game. I mean, at first I did struggle to write 30 words about 'Ulitsa Dimitrova' as I felt I needed to talk about the background story of the game, but I could only fit talking about the core mechanics and the gameplay in 30 words. However, during the next lesson our lecturer took us through everyone's reviews; some crude but it made me realise that we could all get our points across in this small word limit.

Before I did this module, I thought a short review would consist of a few hundred words to get the reviewer's point across, but my lecturer believes that as long as a review covers all the objective views of the game, along with some subjective views. Which I can agree with from writing my own short reviews.

Playing these experimental games, and focusing on just writing the core facts about these games is making me understand basic metrics and mechanics more and more~ Which is also making me realise that games really don't need fancy graphics and a good narrative to make a good game. I mean, don't get me wrong, I do love the pretty graphics in games, but it isn't important. Which is also my reason for not wanting a FF7 re-make. Fancy graphics would ruin it; I love playing that game with the block-hands and all!
Anyone else agree?

But yeah, this blog was really random, I really should write them more often... I guess I just wanted to know what people's thoughts on writing tiny reviews are. :)

Thanks for reading!   read

3:31 PM on 01.31.2010

Pokemon Sapphire

Took me two and a bit days, but I beat it again.
I know what you're thinking: "All 300+ pokemon?" but no, not all the pokemon, just the gym badges & Elite four. :3 Getting all the pokemon would take me forever! xD

Was fun playing it again, but I just can't wait for Heart Gold and Soul Silver <3
Really, Really can't wait. :3 The idea of being able to have a pokemon-themed Pedometer, and leveling up one Pokemon through it is insane... but I still can't wait to be able to cheat my way to level whatever~

Now maybe I should play Ruby... or maybe even Crystal; to take my mind off of waiting til March 14th.

Maybe I should go back to Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core? Could do with beating it a few more times.


7:50 AM on 01.03.2010

Long time no see.

Well, I am rubbish at this blog/review thing. Simple as.
Lots of game related things happened last year, so I may as well talk about them here. :3

So, I have started my University course, at the university of Bolton, UK. The course I am taking is Games Design (Bsc). :D I have been using the Unreal editor quite alot, and I am really enjoying it. I also done some usabilty testing on Little Big Planet, and recieved a 'first' for it. :D and started designing a 'Portals' boardgame. (Mechanics and all that jazz). Also, I've been doing some 3D Modelling of random objects such as a Nintendo 64, Playstation 3 controller and a hairdryer. I am pretty proud, considering I've never used 3DsMax before! :P

As I mentioned in my first post, is that I visited Japan! :D That was a pretty epic part of my last year. I recommend that anyone who loves gaming and anime, etcetc, to go and visit Akihabara. Like, now. Hehe. :D When over there, I saw Disgaea 2 on the PSP being realised with Red PSP. Also saw Another Code:R before it came out. Was pretty awesome seeing lots of un-released games in Japan. All my pictures of Japan are on my facebook, I guess venture there if you want to see them. (

Considering I am quite the gamer, I had my first experiences on a PSP this Christmas; I also recieved an iPod Touch. (FF:Crystal Defenders on the iPod Touch, is actually quite well made). The PSP games I recieved were: Crisis Core, Dissidia, Blade Dancer (Some JRPG) and Invisimals. Please never purchase Invisimals, unless you want the camera. It is pretty diabolical.
Anyone recommend any other good games for the PSP? Other than Disgaea; I will be purchasing them soon.

I promise I will keep this updated somewhat in the new year, as my Games Review module will be in full swing, so you guys will be reading my 'lovely' reviews of games.

Lastly, if you collect figurines, and love final fantasy IX, please buy the new PlayArts FFIX Figures of Zidane, ViVi and Garnet, they are so prettyful! <3 <3 The Dissidia figures are quite nice too; wish they were bigger though...

Hehe, Bye~ x   read

9:34 AM on 05.22.2009

A shout-out from that little GirlGamer. :3

So, hey! :D

I have been forced by my own will to join this site by Awesomeist and Doomsday Forte !

But yeah; My name is Shauni Maple, I am 18yrs and I have been playing games for 15yrs, thanks to my Dad. xD And my interest in playing games and drawing has pushed me to do a University Course in Games Design. I will be attending that course in September 2009 til 2012! <3 I can't wait ^_^

The kind of games that I like are RPGs, Point-and-click, Adventure, Platformers, Puzzle, and Rhythm Games.
Classic games such as Grim Fandango and Curse of Monkey Island are some of my favourite games! <3 However I also love Final Fantasy (I have played every game, and 100% many of them), Kingdom Hearts, Phoenix Wright, Proffessor Layton, Rhythm Paradise, Elite Beat Agents, RockBand/Guitar Hero, etc. I have owned many many consoles, but I am currently playing my DS, XBox360 and Playstation 3. The wii got boring about a year ago...

Other than playing games, I love watching Anime, reading Manga, drawing, hanging out with my boyfriend and friends, and attending Anime conventions <3. I am a fan of cosplaying. ;3
I also have a HUGE interest in Japanese culture and Japan in general; I recently returned from my first trip to Japan with my College. It was Amazing, and Akihabara was just AMAZING and Geek-Central; it was literally heaven for me.

One thing I hate though, is the fact I can't find any fellow Girl Gamers! :P So, by joining this I hope to post reviews about games, and whatnot, but I wanna make lots of Gaming Friends! ^_^

So yeah, this is me, and a little bit about my crazy life. ;3   read

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