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MissHinasaki avatar 12:51 PM on 07.26.2008  (server time)
SNES Needs A Fixing! (Topher?... Bueller?)

Hey. It's been awhile. Summer has stopped me from blogging and playing video games due to a full time job, actually having friends in this town, and tendinitis and carpal tunnel. What makes me truly the saddest though, is that I haven't had time to listen to RetroforceGO! since i no longer have to walk all over town to get to where I want to go. I hope that once I go back to the old hell hole I'll actually have time for my beloved Destructoid and my weekly feature that I attempted to start. But anyways, on to more serious business.

(Serious business face... GO!)

Last Monday was TsunamiKitsune and my one year anniversary. He gave me possibly the AWESOMEST gift you could possibly give a girl on her anniversary: an SNES. Growing up, I was a Sega girl and kind of missed out on Nintendo until the crash of the Dreamcast and I had really wanted to play Final Fantasy III (VI) but couldn't find a good NOT emulator to run it on my NOT R4 or NOT PSP.

Here I come to the problem. It was a very heartfelt gift, especially since I have a newfound fondness for retro gaming and it was the original SNES that he had when he was younger, but in its age (or something else for all I know) it has lost its ability to produce color so it only plays in black and white. I was wondering if there was anyone in the community that knew how to fix my problem. I remember hearing Topher say on RFGO! that he knew a bit about fixing consoles or at least has taken them apart a bit, but if anyone could help or tell me what I should do, that would be great. Thank you! ^_^

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