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MissHinasaki avatar 5:42 PM on 02.02.2009  (server time)
10 Things You Don't Know About MissHinasaki (Sorry. I always come too late.)

I had been seeing these blogs pop up lately but just finally decided to check and see what they were all about. I'm sorry, SilverDragon, that this was so late. It's been a very trying week as my 6-year-old sister was just diagnosed with cancer. TsunamiKitsune decided to come up and join me this weekend to help me through it and will also probably be a late poster. This community means a lot to us and may have possibly brought us closer together. And so I begin:

1. Destructoid means a lot to me. This community here is absolutely amazing and is the reason why I check this god damn page at least 5 times a day. The IRC has helped me through many a hard nights, including Christmas Eve and Valentine's Day. It may not get any gayer in there but there's usually at least one person there to listen to my pathetic rants of loneliness. Or to stroke my penis. But yea, IRC, I just wanted to tell you, you're my buddy. I also feel like I should give a shout out to TsunamiKitsune, just because I love that boy.

2. I don't like cake. Or mashed potatoes. Or Mexican food. I just thought that some people should know that. I also may be lactose intolerant and have an ulcer caused by stress and too much caffeine.

3. All I want to do is write. I've changed my major so many times by now, but the one thing that I want to do hasn't really changed. I started out as an electrical and computer engineer, then went into computer sciences. For awhile I was and English and psychology major and now I'm just a psych major. I've been writing since before I can remember but none of it really seems noteworthy beyond my classes. Or at least that's my opinion. I've always hated it when people give you some of their work to read for some reason so I tend not to do that myself. No one has ever written anything that I've wrote outside of my teachers and instructors throughout the years and perhaps no one ever will.

4. I'm gay but I date men. I don't know why. Maybe just because it's simpler. Maybe it's because I don't know how others would react to it. Men make good enough companions but they will always lack something to me. Maybe a lot of it has to do with the fact that I've had some really bad experiences with males that have left me pretty gun shy. But then again, I think I've always been a little off and I think that my family has kind of noticed. And possibly my really homophobic roommate. So yea... Kit is just so drop dead sexy that he got me a lil straight. :P

5. I love to eat. Entirely too much. I guess some refer to it as being a "foodie", which is a funny word. It's amazing that I'm not terribly obese. Since I cannot run or do a lot of other kinds of physical activity due to knee problems, I always worry that I will some day become fat. I love food so much though that I would probably never consider going on a diet. My dad is an amazing cook and I've always wanted to take some courses in the culinary arts. It was actually recommended as a career for me but I don't think that anywhere in my area offers classes for that. It's been really hard developing the proper skills since I only have a microwave but someday I will have an oven. And a stove. And I will cook. And I will cook well. (Looks off into the distance)

6. I love 90s music. I don't know why. Not like Nirvana or whatever else you're probably thinking, but 90s pop rock. I listen to a lot of other kinds of music but I will always in the end come back to the days where everything on the radio was good. I'm just so god damn stuck on the Goo Goo Dolls and Vertical Horizon to really give a shit about anything else. Emo is alright. Indie is pretty cool. Rock Band got me listening to Classic Rock a bit and I love the soundtracks to Jet Set Radio and JSRF. But god dammit I still listen to Matchbox 20 and don't give a shit about what you think about that. (I'm also a really big Weezer and Brand New fan.)

Me as Eureka from Eureka Seven at an anime convention. I really should be shot for posting this.

7. I do a lot of really geeky things. I read comics, I watch anime (and occasionally cosplay), and I play Magic: The Gathering. About the one thing I don't do is LARP. But I was almost convinced to once. I have a fatal attraction to geek culture and I am somewhat proud of my heritage. This may also explain why I tend to date a lot of males, since it seems that females who share my loves are few and far between.

Yes, I was in the bathroom when I took that picture.

8. I like to dye my hair funny colors. And I'm really running out of things to say.

9. I'm a hopeless romantic and a dreamer and I fear that there's really no place in this world for people like me anymore. I fear humanity as a whole but love individuals. I'm more into the arts but lack any real talent as far as I can tell.

10. I have a big ass crush on Reverend Anthony. It's probably the bitterness or the sexy heartless facade he puts up. I guess I'm just kinda in to that. I just know that in the very depths of his Indie Fag heart, things aren't as black as they seem. But on a more serious note, I just love Podtoid. They need a shirt.

Oh yea, and Linde is pretty god damn hot, too!

Apparently Aaron Linde also takes pictures in the bathroom.

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