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10:48 PM on 12.22.2010

Last Minute Gift Ideas from Minus

Hello everyone. I'm sure some of you are aware it's almost time for "teh christmases" again and hopefully you've taken the time out of your busy lives to go out and get something neat-o for someone you love or well..hate. Anyway if you're like me, you've already got the bulk of your shopping done but for those of you out there looking for last minute or even post-christmas goodies I've got this handy list of cool shit (with pictures to boot!) for you to consider. To make this a little easier I've split the list into two groups: "Awesome" and "Appalling", that works right?


Points, points, points!

Price: $19.99

Microsoft space bucks, PSN cards, Wii points? You know what these are. They're the currency driving the console dlc sales numbers into outer space! Well, Call of Duty map pack sales anyway. These cards are available almost everywhere and are the perfect last minute gift for any gamer.

Bonus: Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo are having huge sales on downloadable titles and content for the holidays. Get at it!

Play Arts Kai Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Snake Action Figure

Price Range: $39 - $59

Long name. Great figure. This bad boy will set you back a few bucks but it's so damn worth it. Snake comes with a crap load of accessories and is more poseable than a damned Stretch Armstrong. These figures are available mostly online and at some local comic shops if you're lucky. I totally want one of these things on my desk.

Halo Reach RC Warthog

Price: $24.99 at Gamestop

Manufacturer of cool RC toys NKOK (tee-hee), has been cranking out awesome licensed products for a while no but nothing gets closer to AWESOME as their Halo line of RC vehicles. The Warthog actually handles like a "real" hog would and comes with two mini-figures to play around with too! These are available at most Gamestop retail stores in your area.

MADCATZ Arcade Fight Sticks

Price Range: $100 - $150

Nothing says "Happy Holidays" like kicking the shit out of your little cousins or other family members unfamiliar with fighting games. Having one of the MadCatz arcade sticks brings the arcade experience home and makes things even sweeter. The sticks are sturdy and come in to varieties: the higher end Tournament Edition fight sticks and the Standard Edition. Each stick usually has cool Street Fighter themed artwork plastered on it but there are other sticks with BlazBlue and Marvel Capcom 2 artwork as well. The TE sticks are fitted with real Sanwa parts and are really responsive. All-in-all these sticks are just full of AWESOME and I highly recommend them. MadCatz fight sticks are available at most retailers for the Xbox 360, Wii, and PS3.

Now it's time for some of the most APPALLING gifts you can get someone. Although sometimes they deserve it I don't see how anybody could spend money on these. To each his own I guess...


Any Video Game related shirt you can buy at Wal Mart

Price: Usually $10

Sure I get it, you don't have any taste or money so you hit the Wal Mart looking for clothes because "Hey, it's just shirts man," Well that may be okay, sometimes, but there's really no excuse for walking out of the store with one of these abominations. Sometimes you might find a pretty decent game related tee but most of the time they're plastered with the name of the game all over it. Which can be off putting and gaudy. Anyway, if you want to get someone one of these I hope you and that person have a poor history.

MadCatz ProGaming Call of Duty Black Ops Glasses

Price: $79.99 at Gamestop

I honestly was going to put these in the AWESOME category but I decided against it because these things just look awful and I just can't get behind the ProGaming crowd. Look, at it's peak ProGaming was pretty neat (I was also 18 at the time.) but now it's just filled with the same docuheholes you find over Xbox Live or PSN. I'm not knocking what they do because they still play games for fun but I remember when games just use to be games not gladiator matches of skill. Anyway, supposedly these glasses improve your gaming through the use of GUNNAR technology or some crap. If you have a douchehole in your life you might consider these piece-o-shit pair of goggles.

Halo Reach FatHead Wall Decals

Price: $99 at

Again, I thought these things were pretty cool but then I thought about it and these just have that "I WISH I WAS..." syndrome all over them.

Babysitting Mama

Price: $49.99 at Gamestop

Come on man...really?

And that's it for me folks hope this list helps even a little during these few days of Christmas Shopping left. Happy Holidays!   read

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