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Mikolaj Holowko avatar 9:17 PM on 06.04.2013  (server time)
[Update 17/06/2013] How "women in gaming" equality campaign affected me

Just having a break in writing music and I thought I will write about this subject since there is few negative things I wanted to say for some time. 

Before the whole campaign started I was never thinking about women in gaming. Weather I was watching a documentary, a development diary, a conference or reading an interview, I was never really giving attention to the gender the person on the display. In my eyes it was just a person. And that's it. 

But now, after reading many articles published in different online outlets and after watching  videos of youtubers I subscribe too, I started mechanically noticing women in gaming related videos. Sure I used to notice their looks before. But now my brain gives them a lot of attention and it's the kind of attention that everyone gives when seeing something different they are unfamiliar with. And in this instance my mind whispers to me "a woman". And I don't like that, because seeing things in this way is a first step towards supremacy. 

So I'm thinking now is all of that noise necessary? Does making the word go out really help or is it just smoke and mirrors and mostly just puts people who talk about it in to spotlight so they can become more famous?  And maybe it actually makes things worst trying to force certain behaviours that are not natural to some? In case someone being a dick I personally would let them learn the hard way about it then try and persuade them out of it. Those kind of people they are usually very egocentric and materialistic and there is no way in million years anyone will be able to reason with them unless they see some benefit for themselves. As we all know a good person will obey laws and a bad one will not, never.

That's my observation. It does leave a lot of questions. But I'm going to ignore future articles and videos on the subject as I think I had enough. In my eyes, women and men are and always be deserving a full and mutual respect, even thought that nature made us different in many ways.

UPDATE: I have seen a fenomenal video today and would suggest you to watch it too. Although it's not specific to gaming it talks on the subject as a whole. 

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