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9:17 PM on 06.04.2013

[Update 17/06/2013] How "women in gaming" equality campaign affected me

Just having a break in writing music and I thought I will write about this subject since there is few negative things I wanted to say for some time. 

Before the whole campaign started I was never thinking about women in gaming. Weather I was watching a documentary, a development diary, a conference or reading an interview, I was never really giving attention to the gender the person on the display. In my eyes it was just a person. And that's it. 

But now, after reading many articles published in different online outlets and after watching  videos of youtubers I subscribe too, I started mechanically noticing women in gaming related videos. Sure I used to notice their looks before. But now my brain gives them a lot of attention and it's the kind of attention that everyone gives when seeing something different they are unfamiliar with. And in this instance my mind whispers to me "a woman". And I don't like that, because seeing things in this way is a first step towards supremacy. 

So I'm thinking now is all of that noise necessary? Does making the word go out really help or is it just smoke and mirrors and mostly just puts people who talk about it in to spotlight so they can become more famous?  And maybe it actually makes things worst trying to force certain behaviours that are not natural to some? In case someone being a dick I personally would let them learn the hard way about it then try and persuade them out of it. Those kind of people they are usually very egocentric and materialistic and there is no way in million years anyone will be able to reason with them unless they see some benefit for themselves. As we all know a good person will obey laws and a bad one will not, never.

That's my observation. It does leave a lot of questions. But I'm going to ignore future articles and videos on the subject as I think I had enough. In my eyes, women and men are and always be deserving a full and mutual respect, even thought that nature made us different in many ways.

UPDATE: I have seen a fenomenal video today and would suggest you to watch it too. Although it's not specific to gaming it talks on the subject as a whole. 


8:51 PM on 05.30.2013

Another hilarious COD meme you got to see XD


And here's link to first one if you haven't seen it yet! 

1st COD meme   read

8:48 AM on 05.30.2013

Very funny Super Metroid video

This is a hilarious and sarcastic Super Metroid opinion. Worth checking out.

Source: NintendoLife   read

8:41 AM on 05.29.2013

Shadow Warrior Classic free on steam for limited time

No excuses anymore! Shadow Warrior is free on steam for limited time as promotion for the upcoming reboot! Go and play it! :D

Shadow Warrior Classic


Game doesn't support freelook ( well it did for me at the beginning but quickly stopped for some reasons; was also crappy ). Here's what u do FREELOOK   read

10:22 AM on 05.28.2013

The Mysterious Cities of Gold Is Coming To Wii U & 3DS - so excited! XD

My mate just posted info on his fb profile that The Mysterious Cities of Gold is coming to Wii U & 3DS. Developed by Neko Entertainment. Never heard of them but damn I so excited for the game! The original anime series was one of my favorite when I was a kid... which makes me realise how old I am now! 

The whole series was about one bigger than life adventure giving great sense wander - that sense we had playing 16 bit action adventure games, or even recently latest entries in zelda franchise and to a smaller degree games like Skyrim or first Assassins Creed.

Apparently series has been reviewed recently. That would answer the question why the game is being in development now. The original looks very dated now, with cheesy intro song ( although really catchy ), but I'm 100% sure anyone would still find an enjoyment in it. As for the game now much is known yet.

Source Children Of The Sun, Take Note: The Mysterious Cities of Gold Is Coming To Wii U And 3DS


9:21 AM on 05.28.2013

Does anyone here remembers that badass platformer PLOK?

Does anyone here remembers that badass platformer PLOK?

Somehow it always comes back to me. My dad bought it for me back in the days because it was on massive sale. I completely loved it. Thought game is incredibly hard but fair. It took me long time to finish it. 
Now watching the videos on youtube I'm being reminded how original, colourful this game is. And how fantastic the soundtrack is! It's definitely must play for every platformer fan.

ps. Don't watch too much of the playthrough. Rather get the emulator with rom (as I don't think it's available on VC) as it needs to be experience first hand. 


1:49 PM on 05.27.2013

Funny COD meme

I will just leave it here

8:12 AM on 05.26.2013

A little silly xbox joke just popped in to my head

A little silly one.

- Is it true that Xbox One will play games?
MS "We don't comment on rumors and speculations"   read

7:26 AM on 05.25.2013

A next gen to the past - which old games/franchises I would like to see return

After pretty lackluster reveals of ps4 and Xo, and slightly deserted WU games library, the questions that pop up the most on the internet is "Where are the games?!". It's no secret that for most of enthusiast gamers what have been shown isn't exactly what we've been hoping for. Of course E3 is around the corner, and it does seam that it is going to be huge this year, with all 3 companies trying to convince us that their console is the future of entertainment. "Future" seams to be the keyword here. So I've asked myself too, what I would want the future to bring, and the first thing that came to my mind was... the past! 

This new gen I would love to be able to play remakes of some of my favorite games from the XXth century, made with all new super fancy graphics and gameplay mechanics, but sticking to the formulas that have made those games great in the first place. 

So here's my little list.

Quake 1

In the 90's and 00's I've pretty much played every big fps game there was and there is no doubt in my mind that Quake is one of the best fps games ever made ( and I've played it for the first time 9 years after it came out! ) in both single and multiplayer modes. With this gen, do to having consoles a primary development platform, we have lost something in the fps genre: insane speed, crazy weapons, twisted mazes, avoidable missiles, and player creativity. So with this new gen I would love to see quake return to its roots with fast gameplay, complex levels,  and even more weird weapons, and of course rocket jump! And let me play as lonely crusader in the demonic cthulhu realms instead of a squad member on some alien planet. Do not do open world, inventory management and story. This game doesn't need it. And make the tutorial optional, so gamers won't waste their time. Present it with some sweet cutting edge graphics, add challenging AI and kick ass soundtrack, and my money will be yours.

And make it for M&Kb first!

Also would like to see Hexen and Heretic to follow!

Secret of Mana

I absolutely love this game. Everything from atmosphere, beautiful art direction and music, trough gameplay to simple story. This is an epic adventure all the way trough. Unfortunately the future instalments that cam out in the west were less then lackluster, and the game secret magic was lost. With the all new technology the game series could be brought back to it's former glory. Make it 3d with colourful graphics, but keep the linear level design with branching paths and loads of secrets, loads of imaginative locations to visit, make combat challenging and fun but not simplistic like in most modern action adventure games, improve the rpg mechanics, and even keep the backtracking and radial menu ( can't not love that radial menu! ). Weather it would be a story of brand new characters or a remake it doesn't matter as long as it will carry on the spirit and tension of the original game.

And also do the same for its sequel "Seiken Densetsu 3" ( and bring original to VC too! ) , Terranigma and Chrono Trigger.

Also worth noting that Xenoblade Chronicles, which was made by same main people who made SoM, was great example of how it can be done!

Warcraft RTS

Warcraft 2 was my favorite of all 3 instalments. I didn't personally liked heroes in WC3 as well as lack of navy units and slashed the amount of unit slots by half, smaller maps and the ambient soundtrack. In WC2 you did feel like you are ultimate fantasy army badass general running a massive war. It was extremely tense! I want that feeling brought back. But I doubt Blizzard can pull it off anymore. So here's a tip for indie devs: remake it under a different name! Add new unite types that will open up the game for more strategies and introduce new killer AI. 

Megaman X

^ Exactly this, just 2.5d, and keep the design grid based, as it was working perfectly for this series. Remake or new entry. Just make it happen! Nothing more to add here!


What can I say here? It's lemmings - cute, little, violent strategy game! Just make it happen!


I have to admit I have never played this game. But recently fell in love with remake of XCom, and it made me wish that someone would remake that this game deserves.


There's no way I wouldn't mention this game. Although I've never finished it due to the save corruption, what I have played was truly stunning. The game was absolutely ahead of its time with humongous open world to explore, complex story, diverse gameplay and fantastic soundtrack. Unfortunately the original suffered from rough controls when it came out, as well as a lot of other gameplay related issues. The remake could fix all of that and introduce many more new elements.


Awesome oldschool platformer that wa hard as hell! I think it could be up there with castlevania and ninja gaiden for nes. I don't know why but I would like it actually to be remade in 3d. 

Golden Axe

One of my favorite games of all time. Love every moment of it. Co-op is extremely fun to play. The remake from few years ago totally missed what the game was about. It was absolute ass. Bring it back but keep it sidescrolling beat em up and use collision boxes instead of maps and do not try and show off 3d animations - keep it fast, as it would only have few frames of animation!

Do you have any games that you would like to bring back to life?   read

11:43 AM on 05.09.2013

Reimagining of Shadow Warrior by creators of HARD RESET!! AWESOME!!! :D

From their FB feed. Not much yet, but it is awesome to know that it is coming, and remembering how good hard reset was I'm extremely excited! :D

From the creators of Hard Reset Flying Wild Hog Devolver Digital proudly announce a total reimagining of Shadow Warrior! More info soon.

4:16 PM on 05.01.2013

Help us make The Yogscast Minecraft Series THE MOVIE happen

Hi there,
I've recently joined a little group of indie filmmakers called City17Productions ( If City 17 sounds familiar to you, you're right about it's origins ;)) and I've recently scored our conceptual trailer for The Yogscast - The Shadow Of Israphel movie. We can make this movie happen, and there is even chance to have a nice budget for it ( and if that would happen me I could hire real musicians to play some parts and a proper mixing studio to do nice epic mix ) but we need to reach out to more people. So if you dig the trailer please give us a like and spread the word about it so the potential investors can see that people want it to be made. Thanks a lot and I hope you will enjoy the trailer!


PS. Not sure if the video is displaying or not so here's the link   read

8:18 AM on 10.08.2012

It must be loud Master Chief ( Halo 4 - Revival Remix )

Hi there,

I wanted to have some little fun and so I've joined Halo 4 remix competition. There is 3 tracks to choose from, and i think you can make up to 3 remixes. I just finished first remix, which is experimental electronic, and starting to work on other two tracks. You can listen to it on my website It must be loud Master Chief ( Halo 4 - Revival Remix )

cheers:)   read

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