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I'm a webdeveloper turning composer. Currently making music is my part time job. And yes i'm being paid 4 it! :D YEY! I'm passionate about movies and games. I like fantasy and sci-fi the most but I'm in to every subject. Currently working on two games and two films. Check out my soundcloud page games and film music.

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Just having a break in writing music and I thought I will write about this subject since there is few negative things I wanted to say for some time. 

Before the whole campaign started I was never thinking about women in gaming. Weather I was watching a documentary, a development diary, a conference or reading an interview, I was never really giving attention to the gender the person on the display. In my eyes it was just a person. And that's it. 

But now, after reading many articles published in different online outlets and after watching  videos of youtubers I subscribe too, I started mechanically noticing women in gaming related videos. Sure I used to notice their looks before. But now my brain gives them a lot of attention and it's the kind of attention that everyone gives when seeing something different they are unfamiliar with. And in this instance my mind whispers to me "a woman". And I don't like that, because seeing things in this way is a first step towards supremacy. 

So I'm thinking now is all of that noise necessary? Does making the word go out really help or is it just smoke and mirrors and mostly just puts people who talk about it in to spotlight so they can become more famous?  And maybe it actually makes things worst trying to force certain behaviours that are not natural to some? In case someone being a dick I personally would let them learn the hard way about it then try and persuade them out of it. Those kind of people they are usually very egocentric and materialistic and there is no way in million years anyone will be able to reason with them unless they see some benefit for themselves. As we all know a good person will obey laws and a bad one will not, never.

That's my observation. It does leave a lot of questions. But I'm going to ignore future articles and videos on the subject as I think I had enough. In my eyes, women and men are and always be deserving a full and mutual respect, even thought that nature made us different in many ways.

UPDATE: I have seen a fenomenal video today and would suggest you to watch it too. Although it's not specific to gaming it talks on the subject as a whole. 


And here's link to first one if you haven't seen it yet! 

1st COD meme

This is a hilarious and sarcastic Super Metroid opinion. Worth checking out.

Source: NintendoLife

No excuses anymore! Shadow Warrior is free on steam for limited time as promotion for the upcoming reboot! Go and play it! :D

Shadow Warrior Classic


Game doesn't support freelook ( well it did for me at the beginning but quickly stopped for some reasons; was also crappy ). Here's what u do FREELOOK

My mate just posted info on his fb profile that The Mysterious Cities of Gold is coming to Wii U & 3DS. Developed by Neko Entertainment. Never heard of them but damn I so excited for the game! The original anime series was one of my favorite when I was a kid... which makes me realise how old I am now! 

The whole series was about one bigger than life adventure giving great sense wander - that sense we had playing 16 bit action adventure games, or even recently latest entries in zelda franchise and to a smaller degree games like Skyrim or first Assassins Creed.

Apparently series has been reviewed recently. That would answer the question why the game is being in development now. The original looks very dated now, with cheesy intro song ( although really catchy ), but I'm 100% sure anyone would still find an enjoyment in it. As for the game now much is known yet.

Source Children Of The Sun, Take Note: The Mysterious Cities of Gold Is Coming To Wii U And 3DS

Does anyone here remembers that badass platformer PLOK?

Somehow it always comes back to me. My dad bought it for me back in the days because it was on massive sale. I completely loved it. Thought game is incredibly hard but fair. It took me long time to finish it. 
Now watching the videos on youtube I'm being reminded how original, colourful this game is. And how fantastic the soundtrack is! It's definitely must play for every platformer fan.

ps. Don't watch too much of the playthrough. Rather get the emulator with rom (as I don't think it's available on VC) as it needs to be experience first hand.