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Mikolaj Holowko's blog

1:49 PM on 05.27.2013

Funny COD meme

I will just leave it here   read

8:12 AM on 05.26.2013

A little silly xbox joke just popped in to my head

A little silly one. - Is it true that Xbox One will play games? MS "We don't comment on rumors and speculations"   read

7:26 AM on 05.25.2013

A next gen to the past - which old games/franchises I would like to see return

After pretty lackluster reveals of ps4 and Xo, and slightly deserted WU games library, the questions that pop up the most on the internet is "Where are the games?!". It's no secret that for most of enthusiast gamers what have...   read

11:43 AM on 05.09.2013

Reimagining of Shadow Warrior by creators of HARD RESET!! AWESOME!!! :D

From their FB feed. Not much yet, but it is awesome to know that it is coming, and remembering how good hard reset was I'm extremely excited! :D From the creators of Hard Reset Flying Wild Hog Devolver Digital proudly announce a total reimagining of Shadow Warrior! More info soon.   read

4:16 PM on 05.01.2013

Help us make The Yogscast Minecraft Series THE MOVIE happen

Hi there, I've recently joined a little group of indie filmmakers called City17Productions ( If City 17 sounds familiar to you, you're right about it's origins ;)) and I've recently scored our conceptual trailer for The Yogsc...   read

8:18 AM on 10.08.2012

It must be loud Master Chief ( Halo 4 - Revival Remix )

Hi there, I wanted to have some little fun and so I've joined Halo 4 remix competition. There is 3 tracks to choose from, and i think you can make up to 3 remixes. I just finished first remix, which is experimental electronic, and starting to work on other two tracks. You can listen to it on my website It must be loud Master Chief ( Halo 4 - Revival Remix ) cheers:)   read

6:08 AM on 08.24.2012

'Made in Brighton' Event Showcases Brighton's Gaming Success

Announced this week, the Made in Brighton: Games Gone Global conference (06/09/12) brings together Brighton's game development community to learn from, and be inspired by, the city's home-grown talent. The conference lineup ...   read

9:18 AM on 07.17.2012

DOTA2 beta key giveaway!

Hi, I have one DOTA2 beta key to give away so I thought i will make small contest. So if you want it then like and/or tweet my blog then go to my official blog and leave a comment with link to your favorite game music track and explain why you like it in a sentence or two! And that's it! The coolest comment will win the key! Cheers! Mik   read

5:47 PM on 07.13.2012

Some of my favorite game music tracks pt.1

Hello again, I'm really getting in to blogging recently :D I'm finding that it is really cool way of conecting with people alike. So while I've made myself break from composing music I thought of making a list of the music ...   read

1:23 PM on 07.12.2012

3 Teaser tracks from upcoming indie game "Mystic Mountain"

Hi everyone, To start with I would like to say that English is not my first language so please for understanding if some of the sentences have came out a bit awkward. Would like to share with you three teaser tracks from u...   read

6:17 PM on 07.01.2012

Would like to show you my game music! :)

Ok so this is my first post on destructoid webstite! Will try to keep this blog up to date as much as poss. I do music composition for games film and other media. I'm not full pro yet, although started being paid for my work...   read

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