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Mikki Saturn avatar 1:13 AM on 06.10.2013  (server time)
E3 Predictions/Wishlist

Okay, so, due to an overambitious schedule for this weekend and technical issue that delayed me a couple of days these videos are basically too late to do any good.  But gosh darnit I made them so I'm uploading the suckers!  

It's my E3 prediction/wishlist videos, in which I ask the basic question "What announcements, within the realm of the possible, would get you most excited?"  I broke them up by subject so that you can ignore the ones you don't care about, and hopefully at least some people will see them before the conference make them moot later today!  


Part 1: Microsoft

Part 2: Sony

Part 3: Third Parties (FYI I only talk about Japanese 3rd parties - I guess I find them the most interesting)

Part 4: Nintendo (Last but by no means least!)

There you have it!  Please comment if you're inclined.  And by the way, if anyone is wondering about a certain Super Mario World video they were promised, let me just assure you that sucker is exporting right now!

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