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I am an all purpose creative type. My main activity is drawing/painting, and also hobby-ist game development. I also dabble in music and film making and like to write long editorials/essays. Oh yeah, and I'm a life long gamer going all the way back to the NES - represent!

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So I finally created a Destructoid account, and I don't know what took me so long, since I've been on other game sites for a while now, but whatever - you didn't come here for that. No, I lured you here with the promise of a song. And I have a song. An Epic Video Game Rap Song, to be precise, that I wrote and recorded in response to some annoying people on the internet. As someone whose gaming passion goes all the way back to the NES, I feel that the old ways are not being adequately respected - I seem to be constantly seeing foolishness from what I assume (hope) are children who sadly don't know any better. This annoys and sometimes even angers me... so I did the only rational thing. I wrote a 9 minute battle rap in which I put the verbal smack down and stand up for the righteous Real OGs (Orginal Gamers), which I am proud to count myself among.

Here you go! And remember - even though I surely sound as deathly serious as Tupac on Hit 'Em Up, actually it's all in good fun. Please don't feel too offended if you suddenly realize the song is about you.

Oh, and also, if you're feeling so inclined, check out my new blog, Another Castle 64. There's not too much content yet, since I only got started about a month ago, but I'm committed to plugging away at it. www.anothercastle64.blogspot.com

Until next time Paisanos

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