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I don't know exactly where I'm going with this, but I have a short lament about Square Enix I have to get off of my chest.

Their Character Designs

Remember the SNES, early Playstation era? Yeah, the good old days, when it comes to Square JRPGs. We had games such as Secret of Mana and Final Fantasy VI, with uniquely designed characters ranging from adorable to menacing! Terra, Celes, Barts, and those Onion dudes from Legend of Mana all looked totally different. They all looked unique, and they had an identity.

It is my theory that shit hit the fan after Final Fantasy VIII, when every male lead had sort of a Squall/Cloud thing going on, and the characters' faces didn't seem so much different from each other. In Kingdom Hearts, it appears that Sora, Riku, and Roxas would follow the precedent set by Squall and Tidus in the short ages before, if you need an example.

The Tactics games, which has a more cute style, has a lot more variance in the character designs! The bright world of Ivalice is colourful and inviting, thanks to uniquely designed classes and races that are incredibly cute and pleasing to the eye (thanks to use of things like colour compliments in the design.)

They fucked up my perception of Ivalice with the presentation of it in Final Fantasy XII. While I believe it was a decent game, the world alternated between a brightly vomited mess of colours for the costumes and some world objects and dull, muddy colours for the world environments. The world and characters had none of the charm they did in the Tactics games, which was in part due to the butchery of the inviting, well-composed areas and other factors which I might go into later.

None of the models do Yoshitaka Amano's brilliant work any justice anymore. In fact, he wasn't actually doing any character design after FF IX, anyway.

Their Characters' Personalities

I think it may have begun with Cloud. I can't say much on this, as I have never actually played the game.


Fuck Snow, Tidus, and the whole Kingdom Hearts cast.

I don't want to talk about this anymore, because the level of heartbreak Square (now Squenix) is causing me is depressing.

And yeah, if you agree or disagree, please share your comments with me and we can discuss this like gentlemans/ladys.

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