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Mikey avatar 9:47 PM on 01.15.2009  (server time)
Tell me what to draw #7: "Too sexy? Or not sexy enough?"

Holeee shit. Me again? Another Tell me what to draw?



Thought I'd get busy with my skills, warming up ready for the all new Destructoid comic! So last time the winning comment was... ArrestedDeveloper! His comment was:

"Draw Liara Tsoni as a sexy librarian."

So... uh... yeah. I did. Before I reveal it though, I have a treat for you all! After stumbling onto Teta's blog I found a great little segment he did where he filmed himself drawing a number of Destructoid staff and community members (check them out!), this inspired me to attempt to film myself drawing. I've never actually filmed myself working before, but I watched it back and it creeped me the fuck out. I don't even remember half the stuff that happened in the video. It's strange because I never have much memory of actually doing the work, just the beginning and the end. Everything else is quite literally, a blur.

And lo and behold, that video led to... THIS!

Full size version below.

I did attempt to record the colouring process, but the screen capture software fucked up.

So thanks ArrestedDeveloper, for making me draw your sick fetishes. :)

For next time...

1. You have 24 hours from the time this blog was posted to tell me what to draw, after that the winning comment is randomly chosen!
2. Try to keep it SFW.
3. It must be somewhat video game related. (I may make exceptions if the suggestion is too awesome to ignore.)
4. You can only make a suggestion once per week.

Right then... comment away guys, I'm off. It's 4 o'clock in the morning and I've just realised that the only thing I've had to eat today is a share size bag of Dorito's.

So, G'night.

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