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Mikey avatar 6:13 PM on 12.21.2008  (server time)
Tell me what to draw! #5: "RAWK"

Hey guys! Betcha didn't expect to see me so soon! Well here I am for yet another Tell me what to draw! But before I begin, I'd just like to thank all of you. That's right, each and every one of you. Everyone who's complimented my work, everyone that's emailed me, everyone that's posted on any of my blogs, everyone.

When I started Tell me what to draw, I thought it would be a great way to get involved with the community, rather than just keep posting on my blog "Hey guys! Look at these drawings I did!", I wanted to do something that involved a bit of interaction, which in my opinion, is what Destructoid is all about, well, that, games and cocks. I wasn't hoping for any sort of recognition, I literally just couldn't think of what to draw one day and thought "Hey I know! I'll ask other people!", and it pretty much exploded from there. I know, I know... this is only the fifth one, but seriously, the I've never felt so accepted. When I posted the last one, I never even thought while I was drawing it that it would be launched to the front page, or that everyone would go absolutely bat shit insane over it, but they did. I was completely taken by surprise.

So yeah... thank you guys and girls.

Okay now I'm rambling... onward, to BUSINESS. Psycho Soldier got the winning comment this time, which was:

"You should draw Athena Asamiya and Songstress Yuna(Final Fantasy X-2) singing at a concert."

Now... I didn't have a clue who these characters were, so I had to Google them. I'm just hoping I got the right characters. If I didn't... I am soooo sorry.

Link to the full size version below.

What do you think? The image is a little busy... but I guess most concerts are too, so it sorta works. I'm trying to push myself more and more with each piece.

Before I set it up for next time, I need to mention one more thing. A lot of people used their suggestions for a continuation of the 'The Destructor-toid', and, thanks to the popularity of that one comic page (I never planned to carry it on), I have something planned for the new year. With Niero's blessing! I won't say anymore just yet... but I think most of you probably have some idea. Don't worry, I'll still be doing Tell me what to draw, I'm gonna need the practice! :P


1. You have 24 hours from the time this blog was posted to tell me what to draw, after that the winning comment is randomly chosen!
2. Try to keep it SFW.
3. It must be somewhat video game related. (I may make exceptions if the suggestion is too awesome to ignore.)
4. You can only make a suggestion once per week.

For those that are curious, Tell me what to draw is going to be posted every weekend, it could be anytime from Friday to Sunday (Just to keep you on your toes. :D).

Fly my pretties!


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