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I had some free time yesterday, so I thought I'd churn this one out quickly. I guess I'm in a good mood because I managed to pay off my bank overdraft! I no longer owe the bank money! Fuck YEAH!

The winning comment last time was... IronPikeman! The comment was as follows:

Ratchet and clank flying the Delorean time-machine with Marty and Doc Brown outfits (Back to the Future).

Here you go sir.

Full size below

I did deviate slightly from the brief... they aren't exactly flying the Delorean. As soon as I began I had the Back to the Future movie poster stuck in my head and I just had to use it as a basis. I JUST HAD TO.

Thanks IronPikeman! I forgot how much I fucking love Back to the Future!

The rules, as always:

1. You have 24 hours from the time this blog was posted to tell me what to draw, after that the winning comment is randomly chosen!
2. Try to keep it SFW.
3. It must be somewhat video game related. (I may make exceptions if the suggestion is too awesome to ignore.)
4. You can only have one suggestion. If you do make more than one suggestion, only your first suggestion will be put into the draw. NO EXCEPTIONS.

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