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Mikey's blog

2:00 PM on 08.02.2013

One week left to enter the FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS banner!

There's still time to sign up to be on the Friday Night Fights banner if you're interested! The deadline is August 9th! If you're not sure what the FNF banner is, go here.

The list of entrants so far is:
Andy Dixon
Last Scion of the House of Blue Lions
smurfee mcgee
Chris Carter
Death By Lumber
(If you've paid and your name isn't on this list let me know!)

We are currently at FRIDAY NIGHT BRAWL level!

Here's a bonus rough sketch of the character design I'm going for:

11:31 AM on 07.25.2013

Who wants to be on the FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS banner?

Hello! So, as some of you may have heard, I have been commissioned by Andy Dixon to do a banner for FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS. I decided to get a little more involved in the community side of things to make this a cool thing.

For those that don't know me, I'm currently in the process of trying to turn a long distance relationship into a short distance relationship, which includes things such as marriage and trying to get set up in a different country, and as you can imagine, it isn't cheap! I figured that this would be a cool way to fund raise towards all that stuff.

So! What I want to do is to make a piece of art that features as many community members as humanly possible taking part in a gigantic all out brawl. If you want to be a part of it, all I'm asking for is $10 and I will draw you with your choice of weapon kicking ass and taking names. Obviously, the more people participate, the bigger the fight will be! For everyone that donates to the piece, you will be emailed a full size high resolution version of the finished artwork to do with as you please. It's gonna be BIG.

This is a rough sketch of the kind of style I'm gonna go with:

I've decided to extend the original deadline to sign up, you now have until August the 9th, so you have plenty of time to get in if you want to. Just head to the forums here for details on how to be a part of it!

There are currently 11 entrants (we're currently at FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHT level!), but hopefully there will be more! 


4:50 PM on 04.25.2010

Mikey <3 Destructoid

Dear Destructoid,

For a long time, I’ve wanted to post here just to say thank you. I’m not exactly sure how to start, so I’m just going to go and say it.

Thank you. Everyone. Thank you all so much.

I made my first cblog back in November 2008 where I wrote about an awesome Halloween I had dressed as Super Mario (anyone remember?), from that moment, I’ve never felt so accepted.

I originally began contributing to the site as an escape from University, a place where I wasn’t fitting in, I had no friends there, spent my evenings after lectures just sitting in my dorm room feeling sorry for myself. Then Destructoid happened.

It all started innocently enough, annoyed with my loneliness and lack of social interaction in Uni, I decided to post on the forums. Having been a long time lurker of the site (I joined in December 2006), I knew that Destructoid was very proud of it’s community and I really wanted to feel a part of it.

Desperately wanting to contribute something to my new friends, I began my ‘Tell me what to draw’ series of blogs, where I’d ask the community what I should draw. Soon after, Hamza emailed me about being featured on Art Attack Friday.

All this caused something amazing…

I started feeling good about myself.

For so long I had been feeling depressed, then all you came along and changed me. You helped me. I continued to illustrate based on random community members whims, still happy with myself thinking that things couldn’t get any better could they?

This is Destructoid! Of course they can get better!

Out of nowhere, I get an email from Niero asking if I want to do a comic for the site, with a story driven by community members. Something that I’ve always wanted to do, and here’s this guy on the other side of the world, helping me along to do it.

Then there was the community meetups. Oh MAN, the community meetups. I remember my first one. Resident Evil 5 at the Capcom office in London February 2009. The first community member I met? Hollie ‘Pheonix’ Bennett. Quite possibly the greatest person I have ever met. It was the greatest day of my life. We met with some other Dtoiders then went to Capcom for free pizza and Coca Cola. And Resident Evil 5.

This photo was actually taken at Eurogamer, which again, was AWESOME.

After that, PAX. It was surreal. At this point, I was quite well known on the site (who’da thought? Little old me?), and let me tell you, having about 50 random strangers know who you are and want to say hi to you… it’s incredible (unless you’re trying to use the public toilet, then it’s just creepy).

Here I met so many wonderful people, Stella Wong <3, Ashley Davis, Niero, Hamza, Colette, Maya, Anthony Burch, Ashly Burch (who I don’t think I actually properly met, but she called my name from the other side of the street, which was AWESOME), GrumpyTurtle, Samit, Dyson, Chad, Gandysampras, Half left, Chooly… everyone! I was so worried my social anxiety would kick in, but you all made me feel so welcomed.

Since then, my life has just become so much better. I’ve met so many wonderful and absolutely amazing people; I really don’t know where I’d be today.

Which brings me to one of the most amazing things that has ever happened in my life.

As most of you know, I never had an Xbox 360. I always wanted one, but my financial situation has been in the toilet for years, so I’ve never had any disposable income since it came out to buy one.

Last week it was my birthday, and I was excited. Stella was coming down to see me, we were gonna meet up with a lot of Dtoiders in London, it was gonna be fun.

Now, I wasn’t expecting anything spectacular for my birthday, a couple of cards, maybe some small gifts… Mainly, I was looking forward to seeing everyone and have a good night. But I should have known, Destructoid will always throw your expectations away and give you something greater in return. Stella and I get to the place where my birthday meal is at and at my space on the table, I see this…

Which I open, mildly uncormfortable thanks to the 20 or so pairs of eyes looking my way, to find…


I have never, EVER got that much for Christmas, let alone my birthday! This was the most amazing surprise I have ever had. It was made even more amazing when I found out that a load of Dtoiders and staff members pitched in to get it for me! As someone who’s felt like a bit of a quiet loner for most of his life, words cannot even come close to how this made me feel. I was so happy. Not just with such an awesome gift, but with the fact that all these people, some of whom I didn’t even know would just go out of their way and do something so incredible for me… that I… I… I’m gobsmacked.

Each time I look at the 360, I see every one of you. I see the entire community. I see friends.

There is so much more to say, but I don’t know how to say it. I just love you all.

My gamertag is MikeyTurvey. Add me! :D

Special thanks to…

Hamza, for that first email you sent me asking about featuring me on Art Attack Friday.

Niero, for asking me to do the comic, I love you.

Dyson, Topher, Chad and Colette, thanks for giving me something to listen to while I was stuck all alone in university.

Stella, I love you so much, you are the most amazing girl in the world.

Hollie, if it wasn’t for you, I may never have gone to PAX, you have completely changed my life and I love you.

Ashley Davis, my bestest best art friend! I miss the times where we used to show each other sneak previews of our work!

Maya (bushofghosts), for letting me stick my hand up her lobster for an entire day at PAX. Also, STAR WARS 4 LYFE.

Gandysampras, your hugs make everything better.

Gavin, you may be the most pessimistic person in the universe, but I love you.

Corican, if it wasn’t for you, I may be homeless right now. Thanks for everything!

Anthony Burch, for putting a piece of my artwork on the HAWP DVD.

Ashly Burch, for being awesome.

Krow, for being a good friend.

Technophile, for recognising that I truly am a GOD.

EVERYONE at DtoidUK, every single last one of you. For those on Dtoid living in the UK, you should definitely email Hollie right now([email protected]) and be part of something beautiful.

Everyone that donated towards my birthday present, I love you. No. I’m IN love with you.

And to everyone else I’ve met or interacted with through Dtoid, I love you all too.


Thank you for making me a somebody.   read

6:48 PM on 03.15.2010

Tell me what to draw #14: Double Ransom River Dragon City

Many moons ago, Char Aznable commented on a blog of mine. One of my old 'Tell me what to draw' ones. I remember randomly choosing his comment using science, but alas, I never got around to do it. Until now. His comment was thus:

The Double Dragon brothers squaring off against the River City Ransom guys. The exclamation "BARF!" is mandatory somewhere in this drawing.

And so:

Thank you Char Aznable for your comment! Everyone else, please feel free to suggest something that I may draw for you, I will randomly select a comment and doodle away! Remember though, keep it safe for work!

:D   read

8:57 AM on 10.07.2009

I'd just like to say...

To my artist BFF!


You're one of the hardest working people EVER and I wish I spent more time with you at PAX. I hope you have a good day!   read

5:04 PM on 08.03.2009

Mikey's Giant Art Dump

It's been a while since I last cblogged. A good while. I'm still alive, as the work I do on the Destructoid comic no doubt proves, but I guess I have neglected my old art blogging roots. So to make up for all the time I should have been here, I propose a huge unload of (mostly) all the stuff I've drawn in the last couple of weeks.

Are you ready?

Here it goes. (It's doing that thing where it stretches the images to a silly size again. D: Look through them on the gallery at the bottom for the proper resolution.)

First off, some character work done for the comic, I do these mostly for colour reference and the like, just to make sure things are kept somewhat consistent through the story. And let me tell you, trying to keep a story that's dictated purely by user comments is no small task.














Bonus CTZ image

This was me experimenting with more dynamic angles.

Next up, some quick videogame inspired pieces, conveniently ordered by series!

Sonic the Hedgehog



Super Mario

Tanooki Mario

Frog Mario


This is me trying something different, thought it'd be a nice change from the block colours I normally use.






My favourite Pokemon!


I'm really happy with this one, I wanted to give Charmander and all his evolutions more of a dinosaur look, I hated the stumpiness of the original designs.




I'm planning on drawing all the original 151 Pokemon... so here's hoping I'll get it done!

Whew... there we have it. Hopefully that'll make up for my absence. Those that follow me on Twitter may have seen most of these already, so feel free add me on there if you'd like. The main reason I have a Twitter account is so I can stalk Nathan Fillion. He's dreamy.

Also, I'm open to do commissions too, so email me if you need anything done and I'll get back to you and maybe we can work something out. :D (my email address is on the sidebar>>)

Hope you all enjoyed this picture blog! Get in touch if you'd like anything converted to a wallpaper!   read

4:15 AM on 04.27.2009

Tell me what to draw #13: "Get some ink done"

Pendleton21 has been doing the rounds lately trying to get some tattoo designs from Dtoid artists, lucky for him, his suggestion was selected so I had a go at making one. His comment stated:

Draw a Mr. Destructoid tattoo design for me!

So I did. I'm not exactly the bast person for tattoo designs, simply because I haven't a clue where to start. So please excuse it's terribleness. What you're about see is also the reason I try not to crosshatch shade... once I start I can't stop! Crosshatching is like crack to me.

Full size below

I hate it. Everybody has off days, this was mine. Number 13 too.

Thanks for your suggestion Pendleton21! And I apologise for the result!

You know the rules.

1. You have 24 hours from the time this blog was posted to tell me what to draw, after that the winning comment is randomly chosen!
2. Try to keep it SFW.
3. It must be somewhat video game related. (I may make exceptions if the suggestion is too awesome to ignore.)
4. You can only have one suggestion. If you do make more than one suggestion, only your first suggestion will be put into the draw. NO EXCEPTIONS.

What should I draw next?   read

6:02 AM on 04.24.2009

Tell me what to draw #12: "When this baby hits 88mph..."

I had some free time yesterday, so I thought I'd churn this one out quickly. I guess I'm in a good mood because I managed to pay off my bank overdraft! I no longer owe the bank money! Fuck YEAH!

The winning comment last time was... IronPikeman! The comment was as follows:

Ratchet and clank flying the Delorean time-machine with Marty and Doc Brown outfits (Back to the Future).

Here you go sir.

Full size below

I did deviate slightly from the brief... they aren't exactly flying the Delorean. As soon as I began I had the Back to the Future movie poster stuck in my head and I just had to use it as a basis. I JUST HAD TO.

Thanks IronPikeman! I forgot how much I fucking love Back to the Future!

The rules, as always:

1. You have 24 hours from the time this blog was posted to tell me what to draw, after that the winning comment is randomly chosen!
2. Try to keep it SFW.
3. It must be somewhat video game related. (I may make exceptions if the suggestion is too awesome to ignore.)
4. You can only have one suggestion. If you do make more than one suggestion, only your first suggestion will be put into the draw. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Get commenting!   read

2:47 PM on 04.21.2009

Tell me what to draw #11: "FIREGOD!"

Well hello there! Thought I'd take some time to get back into this. I've missed yooooou! How long has it been? 3 months? Whoa. Been busy with a bunch of stuff. A whole bunch.

Anywaaaay..... LET'S DO THIS.

Back in January, Wilbo had the winning comment... which was...
The tank from left 4 dead running in fear from me
while im chasing him with a molotov and shouting "FIREGOD!" pictures of me are on my dtoid profile if needed, if im chosen

Which eventually led to...

Full size below.

Was it worth the wait? I was gonna have a speech bubble with Wilbo yelling "FIREGOD!" but I quite like it the way it is. :D

Thanks Wilbo! May your molotovs always fly true.

For those unsure of the rules, they are as follows...

1. You have 24 hours from the time this blog was posted to tell me what to draw, after that the winning comment is randomly chosen!
2. Try to keep it SFW.
3. It must be somewhat video game related. (I may make exceptions if the suggestion is too awesome to ignore.)
4. You can only have one suggestion.

Till next time... away with you!!!   read

4:47 PM on 02.22.2009

I am selling myself.

Ok guys, here's the skinny. My life is a complete and utter mess at the moment, completely and utterly. I am stuck on a course I don't like, in a place I hate, I have hardly any money and as I live on campus in term time accommodation, if I don't find a place to live in about 3 months, I will be homeless (I was supposed to be staying with my parents for the summer, but they decided to go live on boat somewhere...). I've also been busy looking for a job, which is why I haven't been too active on the site lately. Of course... there are no jobs available.



I'm opening up shop. I was planning on doing this a while back, but I sorta didn't. I'm like that... all planning, no action. But that all changes NOW! I DON'T WANT TO END UP ON THE STREETS. Seriously, sleeping under the sky gives me a rash, and a severe case of being dead.

Here's how I'm gonna do this. If you would like me to do something for you email me at mikeyturvey [at] and we can sort something out, payment will be made through PayPal and prices are as follows (bear with me, I'm still new at the commission work thing):

Standard drawing.

Inked black and white piece: £25 (about 35USD)

Full colour piece, coloured in photoshop: £40 (about 60USD)

You will be sent a full resolution JPG which should print smoothly on paper up to 11 x 17 inches. These prices are negotiable, I'd charge less for a single character than I would for a full scene with the background and everything.

Original line art can be sent to you but that will cost extra! Sending things around the world ain't cheap you know!

Pixel painting on canvas.

These'll cost a little extra than the drawings, as they take a long time to do, plus I have to cover the cost of materials used and postage and packaging. If you want one of these done email me and we can settle on a price. So you have an idea of what they'd cost, I'd charge about £70 (about 100USD) for that Bucky O'Hare piece (it's not for sale though :P) which is on on a 16 x 16 inch canvas. Again, the prices on these will change depending on complexity of the scene, amount of pixels, colours used, etc, etc...

Custom 360 faceplates.

This is a new one for me... I've been told that I should do it by both Digtastik and Craineum, so I thought I'd give it a try. I've not done it before... so if someone wants to send me a a blank faceplate to experiment on, I would really appreciate it. :)

Prices will be negotiable on the faceplates, I'm not sure what to set as average price, as I'm just starting.

With regards to the pricing for things that need to be posted, they may change depending on how much it costs me to ship them out. And regarding pricing in general, these aren't fixed, they may change depending on what you want.

So there we are. I am asking Destructoid for help. If there is anyone out there that hasn't been slammed too hard by the credit crunch and would like a personalised piece of artwork done, please, let me know.

While I'm here, I just want to mention to Y0j1mb0, your samurai is on the way! And to SilverDragon1979... it's nearly finished!

P.S. I also do watercolours! Seriously.   read

3:18 PM on 02.01.2009

10 things you're going to regret knowing about Mikey. everybody's doing these things, I may as well join in. Before you read it though, I want to apologise for how depressing most of it is. I love you all. :D

1. I started drawing as a way to escape my home life.

I had a bit of a hectic childhood, we were constantly moving and I had trouble making friends at the new places I was living at, my parents were constantly arguing, my stepdad was abusive... give me a pencil and a piece of paper and suddenly nothing mattered. I could ignore everything that was going on around me and just have fun doodling characters and cartoons.

2. When I was 3 I set my house on fire.


The only thing that survived was Hungry Hungry Hippos.

3. My first console was a Sega Master System II

With Alex Kidd in Miracle world built in. It was the first ever video game I ever experienced and I fucking loved it. I played it every single day. I woke up early before school to play it. I stayed up late at night to play it. I remember finally getting to the end...just as I was about to beat the final boss...

The game crashed.

The next game I got was Sonic the Hedgehog. I mastered the shit out of that game. All 6 emeralds. Fuck yes.

4. I don't own any current gen consoles.

Yep, the latest console I own is a Gamecube. I really want an Xbox 360 or a Wii, but I just haven't had the money. I have a pretty good PC though so I'm not completely behind on the latest releases.

5. I'm extremely shy.

Let me just say this now, if I ever meet any of you in real life, please don't think I'm rude if I don't talk to you. I'm just incredibly quiet. I worry so much that I'm going to say the wrong thing or that I'll say something and people will laugh at me, or I'll say something funny and people won't laugh, that I just clam up. I just seem to always assume people hate me.

6. Girls always want to be my friend.

I swear, the next girl that says to me, "I'm sorry, but I just see you as a friend." I am going to punch her in the throat. My first girlfriend dumped me with that line and I am not going to let the next girl get away with it.

7. I have a phobia of speaking on the phone.

This leads back to my shyness. For some reason, I find talking to someone on the phone one of the scariest things in the world. When there's no way to avoid it, I start sweating, my body shakes and I start stuttering.

8. I've never been drunk in my life.

I've never tasted alcohol, and I'm not going to try it. Saying that though, I'm not against people drinking around me. I hate it when people assume I'm spoiling their fun by not drinking. I don't tell people not to drink, I wish people would quit telling me to drink.

9. I'm slowly failing an animation course.

I've been on this course since September, and my work here has been getting worse and worse... I've failed like every module so far. The reason? I hate it here. I haven't made any friends. Most likely a combination between my extreme shyness and the fact that I don't drink. I got invited out once... and they left without me. So, I just want to thank everyone at Destructoid for being the one place I can go where I feel wanted. :)

10. I once headbutted a girl in the crotch.

It was during a night out... she asked me to dance, I tripped.


Thank you to Destructoid and all it's inhabitants for making me feel like I belong somewhere! :)   read

5:01 PM on 01.24.2009

Tell me what to draw #10: "Avoid the Noid"

I suppose the one good thing about having no social life is that I've got plenty of time to draw. So I thought I'd just crack on with another installment of TMWTD. First off, thanks to The GHost for the awesome trading card he made me, you can see it on my profile, be sure to check out the ones he's done for some of the other Dtoiders! They're brilliant.

Okay, here we go again. Last time it was The GHost that got the winning comment! ....I know! Crazy right? He makes me a card, then gets his comment randomly selected? I swear to you that it was genuinely a random choice, I couldn't believe it myself. It's kinda spooky.

So anyway, his comment was:

"The Noid ruining Dysons pizza rolls with Dyson looking completely engulfed in rage in the background. Perhaps Dyson would also be brandishing a weapon?"

Here it is...

Full size below.

Hope you like it! In case it's not clear as to what the weapon Dyson is holding, it's a chainsaw... not a huge anal raping device. Although I guess a chainsaw could be both... hm.

So thank you The GHost, both for the awesome card and for commenting. :D

For next time, the rules:

1. You have 24 hours from the time this blog was posted to tell me what to draw, after that the winning comment is randomly chosen!
2. Try to keep it SFW.
3. It must be somewhat video game related. (I may make exceptions if the suggestion is too awesome to ignore.)
4. You can only have one suggestion.

Also, if anyone would like one of my Tell me what to draw pictures as a wallpaper, email me at mikeyturvey [at] with which one you'd like and the preferred size.

I just realised... I'm up to number 10! Here's to the next 10!

:D   read

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