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Have some Jonathan Holmes Ringtones, kids!


A couple days ago, I posited to Jonathan Holmes that a Talking to Women about Videogames ringtone is a thing I would gladly buy in a heartbeat. In response, he gave me permission to make + sell my own, because Holmes is great like that. Now, I initially wanted to sell these for a dollar, but realized that was stupid. So if you don't want to do the work to make your own, but would like Holmes to sing to you every time your significant other calls, there is a solution!

Here's the link to the Bandcamp where I have all the 'tones. Just click 'buy now' and enter '0' as the price. I mean, you can pay if you want, but I ain't no starving artist. (And yes, there is a bonus track) Enjoy, guys and gals!
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