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What I'm Playing

Final Fantasy VII : Crisis Core [PSP]
Siren : Blood Curse [PSN]

What I'm wanting to Play

Bionic Commando : Rearmed [PSN]
Castle Crashers [XBLA]
Spore [PC]

All Time Favs

Metal Gear Solid Series [PSX,PS2,PS3]
Chrono Trigger [SNES]
Final Fantasy VII [PSX]
Shadow of the Colossus [PS2]
And far too many to name here..

Spore is a game that I've really been getting mixed feeling about lately...

On one hand it seems that Spore is basically being touted as the be all end all of PC games, and that it's going to be one of the biggest most in-depth titles the PC has seen in quite some years.. But on the other hand it also seems like just another evolution of the Sims series in the way that it basically acts as another "life simulation" game..

When it comes to games like Spore I find myself very torn as to whether I should spend my 90 or so Aussie Dollars on a game like this or not.. Originally I found that I was quite a big fan of the Sims franchise back in the beginning, which I really find strange because I've always been the kind of gamer that's much happier to kick back with a SNES and a copy of Chrono Trigger instead of making a sim clean their toilet and stop them from frequently defecating on the kitchen floor..

But strangely I find myself getting quite intruiged by the gameplay ideas and the overall premise of Spore.. It kinda sucks that my PC is starting to show its age a fair bit as of late, even Team Fortress 2 is running like bollocks on here at the moment, but there's nothing some new hardware can't fix!!

The one thing that really confuses me with the whole idea of Spore is whether Will Wright is trying to make something for the more hardcore gamer or if he's still trying to cater to the people that loved the Sims.. I have a huge amount of respect for Mr Wright as he's been a huge part of gaming for quite a few years now and I really hope that games like Spore start to push the creative possibilities for games in general.. It's awesome to see someone think outside of the square for a change..

Anyway, I was just thinking to myself that it'd be great to hear some of your opinions on Spore and what you think that it's going to do for gaming as a whole and whether or not you'll be spending your hard earned dollars on it or not...

Who's looking forward to getting their Spore on?? :)