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2:04 PM on 07.14.2009

More Zelda for me

My first time to the Monthly yard sale\flea market event near me,the fist game I got was Zelda OOS for the GBC.
Last week I signed to Goozex and added 30 game to my request list.
Of all those games like [dot] Hack, Halo 2, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, my first games traded was :


5:41 PM on 07.08.2009

Leave it to UK players to kill

Well that didn't take long, I registered on in less than 24h ago, knowing the popularity of it's US counter-part, I was happy to finally be able to trade with other people. "This will be great !!"
Until I saw a forum thread about the UK users favourite "feature"

Has user babaz put it
"[The] site is still in its startup phase, [the] users number[s] are too low, to further restrict trading regions to UK (the most) or to ITALY, or POLAND... c'mon, I'm from Italy... how many Italian users are there? 100 maybe?!?! [The] probabilities to actually trade are down to 0"

UK users receive from outside but will not send to any other country other than the UK
User MsbS_ explains the end result
"From a practical point of view - 6 games sent out, 700 points amassed, but no way to spend them. Disappointing, n'est-ce pas?"

UK user interceptor had this to say about his choice.
"It all boils down to postage costs. Posting games to countries outside the UK (and maybe Ireland) simply costs too much, especially as I insist on having the game signed for when it is delivered. Then both seller and buyer can be reassured it has got there safely and everyone is protected."

I would say that non UK user have to equally spend more in cost to send to them, thus balancing the cost of everybody , but considering that this problem has been unresolved since January...

I wanted to get some RPGs using Goozex, so much for that plan :(
This is why we never get nice things   read

5:42 PM on 07.04.2009

A "retro amazing" find last Month

Last Month I went for the first time to a Monthly yard sale\flea market event near me. The event has been happening for quite a while now, but the combination of being a big fan of Retroforce Go ! and the personal realisation that my gaming collection is horrible after seeing possumwrangler's one .

I found a few non retro games. but my amazing find was :

To the crew of "Retroforce Go !" THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm going to snooze now, and hopefully find more great games and not just beginner's luck :(   read

5:55 PM on 06.25.2009

The result of my previous post

I doubt any one would need this but here what it looks like :

1:48 PM on 06.17.2009

This won't end well for Valve.

I love survival games and I have all the consoles naturally I have the "Resident Evils" and the "Silent Hills" games.
Here's were Valve comes up: I have a 5yo computer so Left 4 Dead can't play on it. That leaves the 360....

One fact that escapes people when they try to find out what console is wining is that some consoles are more popular than others on different regions in other words the 360 my be a huge success on the US but in the EU will all ways try to prove it self, and since this is a game of numbers MS is focused on only three countries (UK/Fr/Ge) that leaves the other 50 countries with 10 copies, not for each country but 10 copies for all of the 50 countries.

So finding Left 4 dead on the 360 is impossible to find. In other words I got 59Ä ready and willing to give it to MS/EA/Valve. This would be much easier if Left 4 Dead was on the PS3. Because unlike MS, Sony and all the 3rd party companies makes copies for everybody I can build a house made of NFS:U or NFS:PS for the PS3.

If only there was a multi-platform game that had a zombies mini game the got so popular that is now becoming less and less .... ... ... mini.
For the record I'm not a fan of Treyarch, I stop playing CoD3 mid game because I couldn't get pass the decreased quality from I.W. to T.a., so it becomes apparent that the zombie mode and all it's add-ons in "Call of Duty: World at War" for the PS3 thus not only is Sony/Activision Blizzard/Treyarch getting my 59Ä but the money for the DLC too.

Has for the 360, it still has keep the name "The Mass Effect Machine" or even worse "The Peggle Machine"
Activision Blizzard and Treyarch keep making tons of money and probably they will make a stand alone WW II zombie game that will sell equally tons of money. The journalist and bloggers of this world will argue that Valve is way better than Treyarch at making games but the games will keep tons.The people a use the PS3 has they main console or only have a PS3, will just not care.   read

1:53 AM on 04.17.2009

The Criterion Collection-type games box art done by me

ďThe GAF CollectionĒ Ė Weekend Photoshop Thread inspired me to do this.

Since "The Criterion Collection" has an artistic simplicity I'll never know if I made it justice.In the back of my mind I get this thought saying "That doesn't look right", hopefully the idea that I wanted gets across.


6:38 PM on 01.07.2009

"What I want !!!" Crayon Physics DS edition

I want Crayon Physics for the DS so bad, I made the box cover

*sigh*   read

4:57 PM on 10.24.2008

I'm going to have a "fun" weekend.

Instead of making a long rant about my current situation, I'll show my reasons

Me : Where's Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations ?
Game publisher : Never heard of it.

Me : Where's BioShock for PS3 ?
Game publisher : Will arrive soon.*1

Me. But it's been a week....
Game publisher : No, it was only released today

Me : Where's Persona 3 FES ?
Game publisher : Never heard of it.

Me : Where's Dead Space for PS3 ?
Game publisher : Will arrive soon.*1

Me : Where's Oblivion for PS3 ?
Game publisher : I haven't seen that game in over a year.*2

Me : Where's Little Big Planet ?
Game publisher : It got delayed.

Me : Where can I get Nariko\Kratos fro LBP?
Game publisher : In stores at 500 Km to the East.

Me : Where's Eternal Sonata for PS3 ?
Game publisher : It's not coming to Euro... it will come the Febrary.

Me : What new games you do have
Game publisher : We got FIFA and PES, they both arrived at all stores in that day it was released without delay.

Me: But I hate sports.
Game publisher : We got: Saints Row 2, Fracture, Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway, Mercenaries 2

*1 :They never know when it will come, it can take a week or a Month
*2 : When the PS3 so did Oblivion for it, and that was it: four months later (about when I got the console) the game had disappeared: the original one the GOTY edition, it's the only game from launch that is impossible to find...

Like it says on the title: I'm going to have a "fun" weekend.   read

3:58 PM on 06.28.2008

The start of the affair: Shining the Holy Ark.

It's a sad fact that Japanese companies, when it comes to RPGs, hate Europe, I can't blame them most JRPGs can rival the Lord of the Rings trilogy in size and according to Wikipedia: Europe is a continent that speaks Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Irish, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovene, Spanish and Swedish.
It's not just kids that are to young to grasp a second language, not all countries promote a "famous" one, and a lot of adults refuse to learn another language [1]. For that reason most games that are for sale in Europe are either sports or action\platform games because they are simple to understand.

The first game that I ever played was a Breakout(or a clone) on the Spectrum around 1985. Until 1997 there were only two games that escape the action\platform formula Mig-29 Fulcrum a flight simulator and Mega-Lo-Mania(named Tyrants: Fight Through Time in the States) a real-time strategy game, both on the Mega Drive(Genesis).

1997 :
I arrived at my friend's house, sat on the couch, I watched him play what looked like a bad and complicated Doom clone. My friend was lost, he didn't know were to go, he spent over

20 minutes just looking at the same textures with the occasional battle, in those 20 minutes the only thing that happen to break the monotony was when all the characters leveled up. He finally arrived at a large room and every thing stopped, the ceiling had collapsed, all the characters were on the floor, they looked dead...


I looked at the box, I tried to make sense of the title "Shining the Holy Ark" with no avail, at the most the title should have been "The Shining of the Holy Ark", at the back of the box it said that this was Team Sonic game, it shows up if we reset the game but I haven't seen it yet my friend was still "playing". I used playing in quotes because he wasn't doing any thing, "Why would someone get a game that has un-skip-able long scenes ?" I thought.

In early 1998 I was at a birthday party, when one of the cousins of the birthday boy plugged a Playstation and showed a blond guy with a large sword, a guy with a gun attached to his arm and large feline with his tail on fire, fighting a guy with a lot of wings. On top of that there was a beautiful song. It took me a few years to understand that a song like that can be made for a video game

In July 1999 I bought the British magazine called Total Control (I think). Inside, there was a comprehensive guide to an RPG for the original Game Boy, aka: The Brick, it came in two ways Red and Blue and even thought there was 151 creatures, only two were popular and one of them you couldn't get normally in the game. It also described the TV show and how popular with kids it was and spawned at least two movies, second one was about to get released in Japan (that's how I know it was July). Even thought it was a complex RPG, kids would go crazy for the franchise. Days later I bought the Bri.. *ahem* the original Game Boy and the Blue version of the game imported from the U.S. from a neighbor that wanted to get rid of old Game Boy to get the Color one, and he finished the game so I coughed a few bucks and there it was my second Game Boy and an RPG. I played game, during breaks at school, at home, at the beach, people would ask "What are you playing ?", "Pokémon Blue" I replied, but no one knew what it was. A few months later it happen: the ad with the little creatures escaping from a van, the cartoon, the trading cards, Pokémon lollipop, Pokémon bubble gum, the tag line, Pokémon stickers album, Pokémon cereal, Pokémon on the N64, the clones that feed of it's popularity, the Pikachu N64,Pikachu Game Boy Color, the Pokémon movie having a wide theater release, the list goes one and one...


I can attest to the quality of Pokémon based on the game alone. But now, I can get pass of what surrounds it. Of all the clones, Jade Cocoon on the PSX was the only one clone I played and I enjoyed it.

I didn't just started playing RPGs made from 1997 on, I have since started digging for older games: Final Fantasy VI (1994) on the PSX, The Legend of Zelda (1986) and Tales of Phantasia (1995) on the GBA just to name a few.
Two years ago I had what most people call now a "ratatouille moment" to "Shining the Holy Ark" while playing Dragon Quest on the PS2 for the first time by seeing the characters coming from behind the screen to attack the foes.

The industry has not change since 1997, JRPGs are still few and far between, Final Fantasy, Pokémon and Pokémon-like (Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, etc...) only help sell the games in those series, some times not even that, Final Fantasy Tactics, for example, has never has been released on any home console in Europe despite the fact that it was hailed has one of the best games ever made; only in 2007 got it's released on the PSP All the PAl version of Square-Enix's games are squashed to make it compatible to our TVs despite the fact that most games either gets adapted to PAL or checks if the TV handles 60Hz and they take six months get here. But it doesn't end there, I will never play games like Disgaea, Atelier Iris or Persona, among may others simply because it's only released in the "important" countries(UK, France and Germany). Xenosaga and .Hack were only partially released.

Hopefully better days will come...

[1] Just to give out an example A year ago during a class my teacher gave us copy of a letter written to a news paper by a reader, it detailed that in the previous week during review of a car, the reviewer thanked the car maker for having the instructions in Spanish and how the car maker is taking care of the Portuguese consumer by doing so. The reader in his lengthy letter pointed out that there's nothing good about having only Spanish instructions in Portugal.   read

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