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2:04 PM on 07.14.2009

My first time to the Monthly yard sale\flea market event near me,the fist game I got was Zelda OOS for the GBC.
Last week I signed to Goozex and added 30 game to my request list.
Of all those games like [dot] Hack, Halo 2, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, my first games traded was :

Well that didn't take long, I registered on Goozex.eu in less than 24h ago, knowing the popularity of it's US counter-part, I was happy to finally be able to trade with other people. "This will be great !!"
Until I saw a forum thread about the UK users favourite "feature"

Has user babaz put it
"[The] site is still in its startup phase, [the] users number[s] are too low, to further restrict trading regions to UK (the most) or to ITALY, or POLAND... c'mon, I'm from Italy... how many Italian users are there? 100 maybe?!?! [The] probabilities to actually trade are down to 0"

UK users receive from outside but will not send to any other country other than the UK
User MsbS_ explains the end result
"From a practical point of view - 6 games sent out, 700 points amassed, but no way to spend them. Disappointing, n'est-ce pas?"

UK user interceptor had this to say about his choice.
"It all boils down to postage costs. Posting games to countries outside the UK (and maybe Ireland) simply costs too much, especially as I insist on having the game signed for when it is delivered. Then both seller and buyer can be reassured it has got there safely and everyone is protected."

I would say that non UK user have to equally spend more in cost to send to them, thus balancing the cost of everybody , but considering that this problem has been unresolved since January...

I wanted to get some RPGs using Goozex, so much for that plan :(
This is why we never get nice things

Last Month I went for the first time to a Monthly yard sale\flea market event near me. The event has been happening for quite a while now, but the combination of being a big fan of Retroforce Go ! and the personal realisation that my gaming collection is horrible after seeing possumwrangler's one .

I found a few non retro games. but my amazing find was :

To the crew of "Retroforce Go !" THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm going to snooze now, and hopefully find more great games and not just beginner's luck :(

I doubt any one would need this but here what it looks like :

I love survival games and I have all the consoles naturally I have the "Resident Evils" and the "Silent Hills" games.
Here's were Valve comes up: I have a 5yo computer so Left 4 Dead can't play on it. That leaves the 360....

One fact that escapes people when they try to find out what console is wining is that some consoles are more popular than others on different regions in other words the 360 my be a huge success on the US but in the EU will all ways try to prove it self, and since this is a game of numbers MS is focused on only three countries (UK/Fr/Ge) that leaves the other 50 countries with 10 copies, not for each country but 10 copies for all of the 50 countries.

So finding Left 4 dead on the 360 is impossible to find. In other words I got 59€ ready and willing to give it to MS/EA/Valve. This would be much easier if Left 4 Dead was on the PS3. Because unlike MS, Sony and all the 3rd party companies makes copies for everybody I can build a house made of NFS:U or NFS:PS for the PS3.

If only there was a multi-platform game that had a zombies mini game the got so popular that is now becoming less and less .... ... ... mini.
For the record I'm not a fan of Treyarch, I stop playing CoD3 mid game because I couldn't get pass the decreased quality from I.W. to T.a., so it becomes apparent that the zombie mode and all it's add-ons in "Call of Duty: World at War" for the PS3 thus not only is Sony/Activision Blizzard/Treyarch getting my 59€ but the money for the DLC too.

Has for the 360, it still has keep the name "The Mass Effect Machine" or even worse "The Peggle Machine"
Activision Blizzard and Treyarch keep making tons of money and probably they will make a stand alone WW II zombie game that will sell equally tons of money. The journalist and bloggers of this world will argue that Valve is way better than Treyarch at making games but the games will keep tons.The people a use the PS3 has they main console or only have a PS3, will just not care.

“The GAF Collection” – Weekend Photoshop Thread inspired me to do this.

Since "The Criterion Collection" has an artistic simplicity I'll never know if I made it justice.In the back of my mind I get this thought saying "That doesn't look right", hopefully the idea that I wanted gets across.