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Description :

Name's Vincent, age's 19, country's Canada. I'm a gamer since the first time I played a NES. Even though my tastes have changed since then (no worries, my NES still get his share of love!), I've never stopped gaming since then. I am studying in
Computer Science at college, with a video game programming profile. I am now doing my internship in a major game company.
My main hobbies are music, game programming and, of course, gaming. I dream one day of having my own indie game group so we do indie stuff because we're so indie.

English is not my native language so there might be some grammatical errors in my posts. I don't mind getting corrected, as long as you're not some grammar nazi whose's only sole reason to exist is to bitch on other people to make yourself feel good.

Games I love :

My love for games are pretty wide, from Mario Bros to Metal Gear, but sports games doesn't strike my fancy. As for multi-player gaming, competition is always better than cooperation. And when you mix both, it just gets hilarious! I'm a sucker for indie and retro gaming, and there's a love affair between me and XBLA.

Oh, and I don't like Ocarina of Time for some reason. Legend of Zelda on NES forever!
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I've been lurking here for some time and I decided to be involved in the community so here's my big hello to the Destructoid community. I am a gamer who have preferences on either indie games or at least ones who tries a bit of originality, or an immersive atmosphere. Moreover, I am a programmer who tries to get a place in the game industry so who knows, maybe in a few years you'll see a game with my name on it. I like Destructoid because of its great articles and lively community. I'll try to do a bit of commenting and blogging when I'll have time so except to see me around a bit. I hope I won't suck much and that I'll be able to entertain you in any way.

Also, cocks.