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MightyVince's blog

3:13 PM on 02.14.2009

Greetings, Destructoid!

I've been lurking here for some time and I decided to be involved in the community so here's my big hello to the Destructoid community. I am a gamer who have preferences on either indie games or at least ones who tries a bit of originality, or an immersive atmosphere. Moreover, I am a programmer who tries to get a place in the game industry so who knows, maybe in a few years you'll see a game with my name on it. I like Destructoid because of its great articles and lively community. I'll try to do a bit of commenting and blogging when I'll have time so except to see me around a bit. I hope I won't suck much and that I'll be able to entertain you in any way.

Also, cocks.   read

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