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Current appearance as of 2009. Approach with Caution.

Name: Mighty Pinto
Age: Unknown (appears to be 29, though it is rumored he can possess the weak-minded, i.e. console fanboys, thus prolonging his youth)
Ethnicity: Variable (see above)
P.O.B.: Found in an undisclosed location somewhere in Atlanta, GA.

Likes: Complete Global Domination.
Dislikes: Anyone who gets in his way.

Known Facts:

Has many years of affiliation with the VGHU (Video Game Henchman's Union), and was a card-carrying member of several prominent evil factions:

- Former Member of MAD GEAR (quit due to injuries to the spine caused by a Spinning Pile-Driver; almost lost his ability to walk)
- Former Member of GELDRA (Shot in the face by enemy agent (Code Name: "Albatross"), required facial reconstruction)
- Former Member of Red Falcon (joined after his recovery, only to become one of the few henchmen who narrowly escaped Galuga Island's destruction.)

Currently works a menial IT job at Florida Atlantic University; although he vehemently states that he's merely "biding his time" until another union gig comes his way.

Currently Playing:

Dead Space 2 (360)
Splatterhouse (360)
Alan Wake (360)
Onimusha (PS2)
Alundra (PS)

The "DONE" Pile:
Phelios (GENESIS)
Street Fighter IV (X360)

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Wow, it's been a while since I've done one of these Cblog things. While I'd like to say that I've been inundated with work, or spending my free time working with the folks at Infinite Bits, in reality it's mostly due to Street Fighter IV, that ill-gotten, time-sucking vampire that Capcom put out back in February. I can't recall a night in the past three months where I didn't get online and try to stomp people with M. Bison; whether I was successful or not usually depended on what kind of mood I was in (and if I'd played a little Contra 4 just to fire up my reflexes a little before jumping online).

During my three-month obsession with SFIV, I can safely say I've developed a love-hate relationship with the game much like I had with the entire R-Type series. I always get into a bad mood whenever I play the game; whether it be some spammer who got in a lucky Cannon Spike or whether I stupidly dashed forward and got Metsu'd in the Face, I always end up leaving the game angry. Needless to say, I never play with a headset on...mostly because I end up uttering things that would make a Nun tear her own ears off. Yet I'm always on without fail, trying to salvage my pitiful Championship Ranking (I'm currently stuck in G2-D for those who are wondering...go ahead and laugh, I don't care!) or just keep myself from getting stuck in some Blanka player's cross-up, I'm always on, desperately trying to improve.

So why am I putting this game on the "Done" pile along with Phelios? Well, mostly due to the fact that I will never truly be "done" with the game at all: Even if I unlocked every achievement, beat every challenge and conquered every one of those stupid, annoying trial stages, I know I'm still going to be online every weeknight, going up against Scrub Kens who think the Shoryuken is the best move every created, and Zangiefs who think that the Lariat will protect them from everything. I'll be on to crush them, to stomp out any thoughts they might have had about spamming their way through the ranks, and to bring them into the loving grip of the Pax Bisonica.

So, I find it only fitting that I retire SFIV from my "Currently Playing" list so I can focus on the forthcoming titles coming out in June (namely Ghostbusters), that and I was simply sick of seeing it on the list in the first place.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to beat Mission:Impossible. Wish me luck!

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