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Mighty Heman avatar 3:15 PM on 03.11.2010
It will be like I never lost my strafe left finger.

PS3's new controller is going to be awesome. I am ready to buy one right now(Sony: hint, hint...)

This is going to make FPS games fresh and fun again. It will be like I never lost my strafe left finger.

I used to play FPS games on PC for years then lost the left strafe finger in a freak parkour accident.
I switched to playing on consoles since you don't need your ring finger for that. I could never completely adjust to having my thumbs make the kind of precise movements I could get my entire arm to do
(when using a mouse and a huge mouse pad).
I think that being able to move the camera around in FPS games with natural 1:1 motion control will make it possible to be even more precise than when using a mouse due to less or maybe no motion translation scaling (scaling the motion from in game size to thumb size)

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