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Mighty Heman's blog

7:52 AM on 08.18.2011

Handhelds: on the verge of extinction?

Gaming handhelds have had an interesting history. Their early iterations were simple devices with a single purpose: playing games. Nintendo's original on the go console, the original Gameboy, with it's snot-green screen and simplistic control scheme, allowed one to get their game on while doing anything from riding the bus to school to taking an epic bowel movement. While it is still possible to do this with the newer handhelds, everything else about them has become utterly complex. With the new devices you can take pictures, watch movies, even update the status of your TwitFace. At first blush, this may seem like a truly wonderful thing until you try to cram another hunk of kit into your pockets and find yourself completely over-encumbered. When you find yourself in this type of situation, whether it be in the real world or the barren wastelands of New Vegas, the first thing to do is start dumping unnecessary items from your inventory. Since everyone needs a phone these days, whether it's for calling someone in a emergency, or to tell a friend about the freaks you were in line behind at Walmart, these device are high on the list of must-have items. Now that these phones are able to do everything and more than the handheld consoles including gaming one finds oneself wondering if they really need to walk around with their pockets bulging, like some sort of post apocalyptic scavenger. Whether this means that at some point Sony will start making all of their handhelds into devices like the Sony-Ericsson gadget, and Nintendo will make a phone of their own, no one knows. The answer more than likely lies in the wallets of those who will use these doo-hickeys the most, the consumer. I personally think that if Sony and Ninty don't take this approach, the handhelds will become extinct. What do you think?   read

3:15 PM on 03.11.2010

It will be like I never lost my strafe left finger.

PS3's new controller is going to be awesome. I am ready to buy one right now(Sony: hint, hint...)

This is going to make FPS games fresh and fun again. It will be like I never lost my strafe left finger.

I used to play FPS games on PC for years then lost the left strafe finger in a freak parkour accident.
I switched to playing on consoles since you don't need your ring finger for that. I could never completely adjust to having my thumbs make the kind of precise movements I could get my entire arm to do
(when using a mouse and a huge mouse pad).
I think that being able to move the camera around in FPS games with natural 1:1 motion control will make it possible to be even more precise than when using a mouse due to less or maybe no motion translation scaling (scaling the motion from in game size to thumb size)   read

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