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Midknight avatar 8:42 AM on 07.29.2008  (server time)
Flamewars: Peace in our time?

[img] This is too serious, in my opinion, for a typical funny blog picture [/img]

I was sat at my desk, quietly reading the c-blogs on my PDA, when i'd had enough and I literally just had to rush home, abandoning my post at work, to write this blog. I could have wrote it on the PDA...but I can't type quick enough to keep my train of thought...whatever.

Anyway. Every single one of these blogs I read was brimming with hate and anger. The posters were just chopping each other up for no real reason. Arguing for arguments sake. They were just senseless insults, some trivial, some very personal. All uncalled for. No community member comes here to be ripped apart whenever they say something, but far too many members come here to start some trouble. It's not on.

I remember the days when nothing but love was spread about these c-blogs. No exaggeration. Everyone loved...or at least liked everyone else. Nowadays, the riff-raff has overrun the 'Toid.

I am disgusted with the calibur of people now populating this once great site. I'm not naming and shaming, because they know who they are. Shit, I bet YOU know who I'm talking about. The point is, it affected me enough for me to have to say something about it, without looking like I'm choosing sides in a stupid petty argument.

Yeah, I realise this is basically just an open invitation for those people to flame here, because all they really want is some sort of reaction. Whatever. I'm not an active enough community member to care what you all say about me.

I just know I won't want to read many c-blogs anymore.

Where did it all go wrong?

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