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Midknight's blog

8:42 AM on 07.29.2008

Flamewars: Peace in our time?

[img] This is too serious, in my opinion, for a typical funny blog picture [/img]

I was sat at my desk, quietly reading the c-blogs on my PDA, when i'd had enough and I literally just had to rush home, abandoning my post at work, to write this blog. I could have wrote it on the PDA...but I can't type quick enough to keep my train of thought...whatever.

Anyway. Every single one of these blogs I read was brimming with hate and anger. The posters were just chopping each other up for no real reason. Arguing for arguments sake. They were just senseless insults, some trivial, some very personal. All uncalled for. No community member comes here to be ripped apart whenever they say something, but far too many members come here to start some trouble. It's not on.

I remember the days when nothing but love was spread about these c-blogs. No exaggeration. Everyone loved...or at least liked everyone else. Nowadays, the riff-raff has overrun the 'Toid.

I am disgusted with the calibur of people now populating this once great site. I'm not naming and shaming, because they know who they are. Shit, I bet YOU know who I'm talking about. The point is, it affected me enough for me to have to say something about it, without looking like I'm choosing sides in a stupid petty argument.

Yeah, I realise this is basically just an open invitation for those people to flame here, because all they really want is some sort of reaction. Whatever. I'm not an active enough community member to care what you all say about me.

I just know I won't want to read many c-blogs anymore.

Where did it all go wrong?   read

7:42 PM on 02.06.2008

SHUT MY MOUTH: Why did I just say that?!?!

(This was the most appropriate picture I could find. She's hot and face palming. Nice.)

I never intended my blog to be a diary or anything. I just wanted it to be a random collection of stupid shit really, but something happened to me today that I just needed to share. I''m not proud...but it's funny looking back.

I work for a chinese takeaway called wok2go. The food is really good, healthy, no MSG, whatever. I'm the delivery driver. Don't order from there, because i'm lazy and can't be bothered delivering to you. Ok, brief back story over.

I was working tonight. I was bored out of my mind, like so bored I started to make strange noises to slightly entertain myself. You all know exactly what I mean.

So finally I get to do a delivery. It's like 5 miles away so I put on some music, as you do. I have a Guitar Hero folder on the MP3 DVD player in my car. It's the OST to every game so it's pretty cool. I stuck that on random and, well, rocked out ^_^

More Than A Feeling came on, awesome, then One, which I wasn't in the mood for after Boston, so I skipped. Then, from nowhere, Welcome to the Jungle. Love it. Cranked it up. I was enjoying it so much I actually kept to the speed limit.

I got to my destination, got out, took the food out the bag and walked to the door singing "Shanananananananaknees, knees" in my head, and then knocked on the door.

Unbelievably, the guy who answered the door had a Guns N Roses t-shirt on. I just smiled ear to ear. Just what I wanted to see at that exact moment. He leaned against the door with his right shoulder and took the food with his other arm. As he took it I said:
"Nice t-shirt man."
"Thanks" he replied, "had it years."
Feeling a conversation start to form I continued.
"Cool man, you played Guitar Hero"
He looked me dead in the eye with an expressionless face, and moved his body away from the door.

He had a stump. Complete amputation from the right elbow down.

*Face Palm*

"Shit, sorry dude." I just stammered.

"Don't worry about it." he said, just before he shut the door in my face.

Oh well, it cured my boredom for the next 20 minutes while I practiced air guitaring with a chicken wing.

True story.

I suppose he could try this with lefty flip.   read

11:03 PM on 01.23.2008

LOLz @ Ads. Is the 'Toid not safe anymore?!?

I felt good today. Had a nice relaxing day. No stress. No worries. Just a PSP and my thumbs.

Then, the snowball starts rolling. Oh, what's that? The WWW is calling? I'm coming! Wait right where you are, i'll be there in a sec!

So off we go. I logged in to the lair of hardcore nerdography that is Dtoid today to check up on this wonderful world of gaming, as per usual. Then suddenly, from nowhere, the 'toid is gunning for my manhood! What gives?

My pride took a big hit with the force of a nice sponsored ad.

Fast Size Penis Enlargement!

It took time. A few seconds maybe. Then the pain. The agony of the shame.

Wow, what a great way to kick my confidence! I have enough trouble finding women as a hermit-like hardcore gamer, who sits inside for 72 hour funfests of Puzzle Quest and Bust-A-Groove. The last thing I need is a reminder that IF I ever do find a girl willing enough to let me at least show her my penis, she might just laugh at it.

That would hurt, and as we all know, gamers are worthless little nerds who hate pain so much they cut off all social interaction completely. Except Myface...or Spacebook (but only because those sites are l33t obviously) So taking a full force chair shot like this took some time to comprehend.

"But don't worry, she's just being should do something about that."

Destructoid, I though you loved me?!?


(Yes, this is my first post, no i'm not a spammer or an idiot, i'm just cleaning the thoughts out of my head.)   read

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