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Midgetsnowman 's blog
IRL, I'm a 25 year old newly re-minted college student, Studying Graphic Arts. And debating a minor in psychology.
I enjoy rpgs, MMORPGS, board games.
Personal favorite games include Super Robot Wars (any of em), Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy 8, Tales of Vesperia, Dynasty Warriors (any of em), Team Fortress 2, Dawn of War 2, Lord of the Rings Online and City of Heroes. I'm a proud owner of a 360, a DS, and a PSP , as well as more than a few retro systems and a decent gaming PC.
As for board games or pen and paper stuff, I'm big on Descent, Settlers of Catan, Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 (havent had a chance to buy 4th yet), and Changeling: the Lost
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5:19 PM on 06.27.2009
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