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So there's just been news that Titanfall will be multiplayer only, the dev's reason for this being that under 5% of people actually finish campaigns (presumably they're talking about games like CoD and Battlefield here). While I think that this speaks more to how worthwhile these FPS campaigns are perceived to be, it's still a perfectly good reason for not wanting to waste development time on a campaign if they're not going to do anything special with it.

Then looking in the comments I see there are actual complaints about this decision, with gems like "Fuck you Respawn.", "Single Player gaming is real gaming. Multiplayer gaming is a side show." and the required " I'd rather relax into an immersive single-player experience than have to deal with a 12-year old shouting into my ear".

I don't even.

Since when was it decreed that FPS games were expected to have a single player component? When did it become a negative for a game to be solely multiplayer focused?
I understand if multiplayer isn't your thing, but the games industry isn't there to pander to just you. Hell, I don't really enjoy single player shooters anymore, should I have been complaining that Call of Juarez: Gunslinger and Metro: Last Light weren't being developed with multiplayer modes, and therefore didn't have my tastes in mind? No. Because they're fucking single player games.

People criticized Battlefield 3 for including a terrible, tacked on campaign and thought that it was a waste of resources that could have been invested into the multiplayer component which the majority of people buy Battlefield games for. Do you really think Titanfall would be any different from this? The devs are looking at a single player campaign as a statistic rather than something they really wanted to add to their game to improve the experience, something tells me that any campaign they tried to add would be uninspired and just exist to tick a box.

A lot of responses have also been "Maybe make a good single player game then?" - as if good stories and single player mechanics fall out of a games arse after you've designed the assets and the gameplay. I can't imagine it being easy to create a single player game from mechanics and elements you have designed for the purpose of multiplayer, especially if the devs don't have a drive or vision to do it.

All of these complaints coming from a community which really dislikes tacked on multiplayer is really baffling me, it's like for some people the only way multiplayer is allowed is if a game has both a good, fleshed out single player and a well made multiplayer. Weird.

Thanks for reading if you made it to the end! At some point I might write something about the weird elitist standpoint that some "single player gamers" have when it comes to multiplayer, but I'm not sure what it would involve other than calling that stance illogical.

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