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MicrosoftSuxSonyRox 's blog
I know my screen name makes me look like a fan boy, but I am not. I love all video games, and development companies. I do actually think that Microsoft has their advantages, but I owned an Xbox 360 granted it was one of the first that came out because I bought it at its release. I got the dreaded RROD on 5 seperate occasions, and had to send my system in every time until I just said screw it, and bought a PS3. I have not had a single issue with Sony. I love their free internet, and their great customer service along with their many great exclusive titles. Microsoft also has their advantages too, and I know that they have fixed the issue. In my opinion though, any company that releases a system with a 50% failure rate knowing that it will have problems at it's release, at least deserves a little bit of bashing. I mean come on who hasn't dealt with the red ring. Anyways I do think Microsoft has its advantages over Sony as well. I just felt like I needed to explain myself due to the many Microsoft fans on this website.

5:35 PM on 03.28.2011
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