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MickMcMack's blog

6:39 PM on 11.26.2007

No poop this weekl.

Unfortunately, I have some form of a bowel obstruction, so no poop this week! :( However, I have a Mass Effect, which is more than enough to talk about. Firstly the bad things - because yes, although ME is amazingly spunktac...   read

9:55 PM on 09.16.2007

Poop Of The Weekl, #2

So, in the wake of all the HATE I received for last week's blog entry, I have decided to once again evaluate literary techniques I can use to encapsulate the glory of the poop. Thus, I have come up with a plan! I will use a ...   read

6:28 PM on 09.10.2007

Poop Of The Weekl, #1

Welcome, fellow interneters, to the adventure of a lifetime! For I am about to embark on an epic saga of love, hate, betrayal, but above all, defecation! Yes, that's right, I am going to blog about poop, but not just poop. W...   read

10:12 AM on 09.02.2007

Can has working links, please?

So, I have been forced (with threats of rape) by Sir. Johanakin Solo Skywalker the XVIII (aka wardrox) to join this here website. And thus, I moved my cute little cursor to the "Get started - its fast and free" link. The f...   read

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