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Michael Miroku Fraser's blog

12:11 PM on 10.08.2009

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

Okay so here's a pretty good DS game, that explains what happened between KH: Chain of Memories and KH2. First and foremost I love the way it looks, it pushes the DS to its fullest and doesn't fail. The story follows Roxas from his first day as a member of the Organization XIII and his friendship with Axel and member XIV. The controls work great haven't had any complaints there. The sound is good, even the voice overs sound good when they are present. The only thing i had a problem with is the item system, my complaint exactly was with the fact that leveling up and item/weapon usage came from placing panels on a board limiting what you could take,use and your level. I recommend it for KH fans who have a DS or wait for a console version (maybe)

p.s. This game also marks Wayne Allwine's last performance as Mickey Mouse R.I.P   read

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