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4:56 PM on 07.14.2014

Let's Talk Games (LTG) Retro Indie Games and Top 10

This week I take a look at the glory that is Retro Indie Games, as well as run down my list of top 10 Retro Indie Games you should check out.


5:54 PM on 07.07.2014

Let's Talk Games (LTG) Alien: Isolation


4:53 PM on 02.09.2014

The Future: EA and Dead Space 22

Photoshop and a nightmare after playing Dungeon Keeper on the iOS.   read

4:31 AM on 01.08.2014

Greetings Media enthusiasts, get to know a new Flixist Associate Editor (me) Rea

Hello you wonderful people that were curious enough to check out my Community Blog! I am Michael Jordan, a late 20's Los Angeles living, geekophlie, that love everything under the spectrum from Movies, Anime, Games, Games about Movies, Conventions, Comics, Comic Book Movies, Toys,Tech and so on.  

But who is Michael Jordan you might wonder. Since it is a long story here are the cliff notes. 

I was originally trained in the ways of being a classical French Chef, in culinary school for 4 years giving me a Degree in that Art. 

Did many interesting things in my time as a Chef, Even worked with and later learn to despised some of the more well Chefs you see on TV. You know who you are! *shacks fist violently* 

Down the road I ended up getting in to a huge electrical injury from unsafe equipment that needed to be repaired but was not at a restaurant I worked for. This left me crippled for the better part of 2 years. 

After everything fell apart, and some years of painful therapy I started walking again and thought it was time to reinvent myself so I moved to Japan 

Lived in Japan for 2 years, doing some amazing things and meeting great people, until the economy crash, which forced me to move back to California since I did not get payed for about 3 months from my job I had while living in Japan. 

Started Going back to school and writing and getting into the news field and found it to be a dinosaur in a world that is now revolving around 24/7 news coverage on blogs, twitter, youtube, and what have you. 

Started doing coverage for myself, got myself out there, doing things on youtube and podcast I host (Ship 2 Block 20, check it out if you are in to weird mindless gaming talk.) 

Now I am here at Destructoid's wonderful sister site Flixist, for your reading and maybe sometime down the line viewing pleasure. 

Hope I can provide you with the entertainment you seek, and if you have anything you want to say or ask me. Feel free. Also Stop by Flixist and take a look at all the neat things we do.

-Michael Jordan. 

PS here is a photo of me dancing with a giant cartoon cowgirl mascot from Tokidoki. 

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