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8:12 PM on 06.01.2008  

One Man Rock Band

From the day I first heard about Rock Band having 4 playable instruments this is a picture that I knew would be cool to make. I guess you could call me a Photoshop Hero.

To start off, I am a PS3 user, and as you all know the people who bought Rock Band for PS3 were pissed to find out about the Guitar incompatibility issue, the only way to get a second guitar was to buy another boxed set, but sadly I didn't have another $170 to spare. Previous to finding out that the guitars were not going to work together I bought Guitar Hero 3 under the impression that their would be compatibility between the 2 games. So for months getting together with my friends and jamming out we lacked a bass player. "Official" guitars were released for Rock Band and Guitar Hero 3, but I wasn't about to buy 2 more guitars. Then finally NYKO released the FrontMan Wireless Guitar(Wireless Guitar Controller for use with Rock Bandâ„¢ and Guitar Hero IIIâ„¢ on the PlayStation 3)

At first I was a little skeptical I thought it might be a really faulty, cheaply designed toy guitar. I was pleasantly surprised. The guitar is most like a Guitar Hero guitar, familiar clicking strum bar, which actually helps a lot with accuracy, the buttons most remind me of the X-box Gibson Explorer guitar, no bump in between each button which makes for easier sliding. All said and done, I use this as my main guitar for both Rock Band and Guitar Hero. And now it feels complete when my friends come over to rock.

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