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Meringue's blog

10:20 AM on 09.10.2008

Damn you Clance, you're right

Well fuck. I can't make myself hate Sony anymore. Ugh, I'm aware that I'll take a little shit for this, but I want to sincerely apologize to everyone who saw this blog beforehand, i.e., just those first two lines. I posted...   read

7:02 AM on 09.10.2008

Fat Princess and feminist problems, what the hell?

It's true, I will admit that in this case I'm forced to eat my own words. I posted my intro blog two days ago, in it stating my dislike (subdued loathing) of Sony, and how I basically wanted nothing to do with them, which wou...   read

9:14 AM on 09.08.2008

You've never Crashed Castles like this

Reading the Behemoth’s dev blog, and NotAZombie’s Dtoid blog got me really hyped up for this game, and it didn’t disappoint. It’s got all the fun of a brawler and the joy of a 2D sidescroller combined, plus Dan Paladi...   read

6:58 AM on 09.08.2008

Nice to meet you... bitches

I suppose this is the part where I introduce my self, and you all respond with a cordial (but expected) "welcome to Dtoid", "it's time to get raped", etc. I'm female. Not stating this as a bias, merely forewarning anyone who...   read

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