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Name: Sean

Age: 26

DS Lite

Games That I LOVE:

Pretty much anything with the words 'Final Fantasy' in it
Metal Gear
Resident Evil
Perfect Dark
Soul Calibur
Guilty Gear
Legend of Dragoon(I would easily kill innocent newborn babies for a remake/sequel to this series; and to think i actually DESPISED this game when it first came out)
Legend of Legaia
Pokemon (One of the most addictive RPG's EVER!)
Front Mission 3-5 (Long live FM: Online)
007 GoldenEye
Rival Schools (Project Justice)
NFL Blitz (NOT the league)
Star Fox (SNES and N64)
Armored Core: for Answer

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For those of you that played Final Fantasy 11 you probably loved the music that would accompany all of the new updates that played at the login screen ("marches" as I like to call them). They were fantastic to listen to and always got me pumped and ready to go, as is the same with most Final Fantasy theme songs. However; for the past decade or so I have always wondered to myself why the original final fantasy theme has decidedly been retired...

Sounds something like this!

Well, in a FREAKIN AWESOME turn of events, Square has seemingly mixed the beloved marches and the original final fantasy theme into an awe-inspiring thematic march song that I can only assume is going to be the theme of Final Fantasy XIV! I so freakin hope so! Check it out here!

Liked it? Hated it? Discuss!


So, me and a very good friend decide to take a day and a half road trip to go classic game shopping, and oh man did we have fun!

Here is a highlight list of events that happened:

- We had awesome food the whole time (Kick-ass Chinese food with some killer ice cream, and some of the best pizza ever made!)

- The last store we went to on the second day before we left was a very large Game Over. It was AMAZING! They had a museum of classic systems and the best collection of games to buy, but the best part of it all is that we actually met Handsome Tom there!

- I also had to pass on a LOT of awesome games including: Earthbound, Lunar 1 and 2 with special edition boxes, Grandia 1, Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy 1 (NES) in box complete, Shadow Hearts 3, Ogre Battle (PS1), Tactics Ogre 64, black label FF7(needed for collection), Vanguard Bandits, Project Justice, Garou: Mark of the Wolves(DC), KoF: 98 Dream Match(DC), import versions of Parasite Eve, Xenogears, Chrono Trigger, and Mother 3, along with a lot of other less rare games....

So anyways here are my vids:

(I cannot get the embed video thingy to work tonight but I will update in the mornin...)
Photo Photo

From Kotaku:

Stride Gum, makers of those commercials that seem to follow me everywhere, is offering $25,000 to an arcade on the verge of closing after already shelling out $10,000 to save the Philadelphia-based Challenge Arcade last week.

The company has selected four independent arcades eligible for the prize money and left the result up to a competition. All you have to do is visit their Save The Arcades site and play Zapataur, "the most highly anticipated game in the history of time for arcade gaming enthusiasts." Then you'll be asked to allocate points to one of four arcades and the one with the most points by October 6 wins the money.

Here are the four arcades up for a Stride Gum bailout:

* Arcade UFO in Austin, Texas – A unique blend of classic arcade games and rare Japanese titles
* Game Galaxy in Nashville, Tennessee – Proud owners of the most coin-operated pinball machines in Tennessee
* Starbase Arcade in San Rafael, CA – Marin County's first video arcade, operating for more than 25 years
* Star Worlds Arcade in DeKalb, IL – A "living time capsule of video games," operating for nearly 25 years

Now I don't know about you guys but i think this is freakin' awesome! I would have really liked it if my arcade, Planet Zero, was on the list but Arcade UFO is a good one too! Be sure to check out the site and play the game!

I love Mounty Oum's work, however when Dead Fantasy 3 came out i was kind of disappointed. Not that it was bad or anything, but it just didn't live up to DF2 and was way to short. But enough of all that, Dead Fantasy 4 is out and is AMAZING. Watch it now!

So I can't decide which of these two games to pick up, I can only afford to pick up one and I'm a huge fan of both companies prior outings! It will be for my Playstation 3, as I have a fightstick for it already and most of mah friends play on the PSN.


KoF 12

I am going to start out by saying that I am an old vet that used to play XI for about 4-5 years(lol that whole time and I still never hit 75 ;_;) Final Fantasy XI was my first MMO, and I still remember begging my mother to let me use her credit card every month and in return I wouldn’t receive an allowance, ah the barter system. Staying up for days on end, getting pwned by the mobs all of the time, finally getting out of the dunes(!) all great memories. But, by far the best memory that I can recall was the first time I logged in and heard this:

It STILL makes my eyes tear up a little, instilling a militaristic sense of duty to the player to fight for their home country, or even save the world. But enough about XI let’s get down to business!

This blog is going to be important to me because apparently FF XIV is going to be created based on user feedback, which really has me excited that this might actually make a difference! So here are my thoughts on what should be kept from XI and included in XIV:

1) No EXP loss from deaths

Nuff said

2) The ability to own and customize your own airships/Airship battles

I have always wanted to own an airship. Oh and as far as the battles go, something like what they did in Skys of Arcadia would be nice ^^

3) More class specific attack/abilities

As a melee player I was always wishing to have more move(even though there were a lot in the video most where almost never used once you got the last ones)

4) Raise the level cap to 99 or 100

A little over-board? Probably but dammit I want lvl 99 ><

5) Introduce the “Soulbound” system found in WoW to effectively kill bots

Simple. Easy. Efective.

6) Allow Add-ons

As long as they don’t hurt the gameplay allow add-ons that help players play the game!

7) Fix the craft system

Make so that I wont punch my monitor when a very expensive part of a synth doesn’t break please

8) Have instanced dungeons (not all but it would help)

9) In-game voice chat
I know things like Skype and Vent are out there but why not implement their own voice servers as part of the monthly fee(which is more than likely going to happen)

10) Chocobo Knights

I can haz please?

11) Put this song in the game somewhere

BCNM! (even though I have 110% have in Nobuo, this song is the awesome!)

12) Give me the ability to freaking punt a Taru!

Well that’s about all I can think about at the moment, but I will add more as I come up with them. Please add on to the list, as I will probably be e-mailing it all to Square eventually. Also, I would also like to vote on a name for a Destructoid Linkshell (or whatever they will using) Give me suggestions on the name and then I can start recruiting!