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Mentok the Mindtaker's blog

12:21 AM on 04.06.2010

For those who haven't heard this... (FFXIV Related; Kinda short blog)

For those of you that played Final Fantasy 11 you probably loved the music that would accompany all of the new updates that played at the login screen ("marches" as I like to call them). They were fantastic to listen to and...   read

12:28 AM on 09.19.2009

So I took a little road trip to Dallas and Austin [V-blog]

So, me and a very good friend decide to take a day and a half road trip to go classic game shopping, and oh man did we have fun! Here is a highlight list of events that happened: - We had awesome food the whole time (Kick-a...   read

9:59 AM on 08.12.2009

Save the arcades! [short news blog]

From Kotaku: Stride Gum, makers of those commercials that seem to follow me everywhere, is offering $25,000 to an arcade on the verge of closing after already shelling out $10,000 to save the Philadelphia-based Challenge Arc...   read

12:22 PM on 07.20.2009

Dead Fantasy 4 out, I cream in my pants

I love Mounty Oum's work, however when Dead Fantasy 3 came out i was kind of disappointed. Not that it was bad or anything, but it just didn't live up to DF2 and was way to short. But enough of all that, Dead Fantasy 4 is out and is AMAZING. Watch it now!   read

8:41 PM on 07.11.2009

HALP! I can't make up my mind! [Yay more short blogs]

So I can't decide which of these two games to pick up, I can only afford to pick up one and I'm a huge fan of both companies prior outings! It will be for my Playstation 3, as I have a fightstick for it already and most of mah friends play on the PSN. BlazBlue KoF 12   read

3:36 PM on 06.03.2009

What I would like to see from Final Fantasy XIV

I am going to start out by saying that I am an old vet that used to play XI for about 4-5 years(lol that whole time and I still never hit 75 ;_;) Final Fantasy XI was my first MMO, and I still remember begging my mother to le...   read

11:16 PM on 06.02.2009

Final Fantasy VII is up on psn now! (short blog, news)

It's $9.99 and it takes up about 1.3 GB of space. Stop what you are doing and get it NOW!   read

1:24 AM on 05.23.2009

OH! F@ck yes! [Shoet Blog, News]

HOLY CRAP! ScrewAttack owns there own gaming store now!? I hope it is up and running by the time SGC rolls around. Anyways, I know that some of you people don't like screw attack, but i thought this would be a kewl idea for Destructoid to do. Im lookin at you Niero!   read

8:18 PM on 05.14.2009

Quite possibly the BEST PSP pack out there! [Short blog]

Awesome looking packaging! This one includes a “Mystic Silver” PSP-3000 System, DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY, FINAL FANTASY VII Advent Children, and a 2GB Memory Stick! All for $199.99.Comes out 8/25/2009!!! Pre-order here. I ...   read

11:36 PM on 05.04.2009

Gaming Collection Pt. 1 (Biggest thing I have ever posted edition)

About a year ago I found these awesome retro game stores in Houston called Games Plus, and a couple of months back I found out that one of the store managers used to work for my father! But, any ways there are about 4-5 locat...   read

10:01 AM on 02.07.2009

10 Things you didn't think you knew about Mentok cause he TOOK YOUR MIND!!! HAHAHA!!!!!

10) I do not actually watch Harvey Birdman Right around the time that I wanted to make an account and start blogging on the Dtoid, my old boss at Best Buy was ALLWAYS quoting Mentok, and this account is the result of that. ...   read

2:46 AM on 11.13.2008


OH MY GAWD!!!! SGC!? On my birthday!? And only a 3 hour drive away from where i live!!?? who the hell is comin with me? OH it is like 3 AM and i just squealed at the top of my lungs like a little girl because Texas (or an...   read

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