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Mentok the Mindtaker's blog

12:21 AM on 04.06.2010

For those who haven't heard this... (FFXIV Related; Kinda short blog)

For those of you that played Final Fantasy 11 you probably loved the music that would accompany all of the new updates that played at the login screen ("marches" as I like to call them). They were fantastic to listen to and always got me pumped and ready to go, as is the same with most Final Fantasy theme songs. However; for the past decade or so I have always wondered to myself why the original final fantasy theme has decidedly been retired...

Sounds something like this!

Well, in a FREAKIN AWESOME turn of events, Square has seemingly mixed the beloved marches and the original final fantasy theme into an awe-inspiring thematic march song that I can only assume is going to be the theme of Final Fantasy XIV! I so freakin hope so! Check it out here!

Liked it? Hated it? Discuss!

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12:28 AM on 09.19.2009

So I took a little road trip to Dallas and Austin [V-blog]

So, me and a very good friend decide to take a day and a half road trip to go classic game shopping, and oh man did we have fun!

Here is a highlight list of events that happened:

- We had awesome food the whole time (Kick-ass Chinese food with some killer ice cream, and some of the best pizza ever made!)

- The last store we went to on the second day before we left was a very large Game Over. It was AMAZING! They had a museum of classic systems and the best collection of games to buy, but the best part of it all is that we actually met Handsome Tom there!

- I also had to pass on a LOT of awesome games including: Earthbound, Lunar 1 and 2 with special edition boxes, Grandia 1, Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy 1 (NES) in box complete, Shadow Hearts 3, Ogre Battle (PS1), Tactics Ogre 64, black label FF7(needed for collection), Vanguard Bandits, Project Justice, Garou: Mark of the Wolves(DC), KoF: 98 Dream Match(DC), import versions of Parasite Eve, Xenogears, Chrono Trigger, and Mother 3, along with a lot of other less rare games....

So anyways here are my vids:

(I cannot get the embed video thingy to work tonight but I will update in the mornin...)   read

9:59 AM on 08.12.2009

Save the arcades! [short news blog]

From Kotaku:

Stride Gum, makers of those commercials that seem to follow me everywhere, is offering $25,000 to an arcade on the verge of closing after already shelling out $10,000 to save the Philadelphia-based Challenge Arcade last week.

The company has selected four independent arcades eligible for the prize money and left the result up to a competition. All you have to do is visit their Save The Arcades site and play Zapataur, "the most highly anticipated game in the history of time for arcade gaming enthusiasts." Then you'll be asked to allocate points to one of four arcades and the one with the most points by October 6 wins the money.

Here are the four arcades up for a Stride Gum bailout:

* Arcade UFO in Austin, Texas – A unique blend of classic arcade games and rare Japanese titles
* Game Galaxy in Nashville, Tennessee – Proud owners of the most coin-operated pinball machines in Tennessee
* Starbase Arcade in San Rafael, CA – Marin County's first video arcade, operating for more than 25 years
* Star Worlds Arcade in DeKalb, IL – A "living time capsule of video games," operating for nearly 25 years

Now I don't know about you guys but i think this is freakin' awesome! I would have really liked it if my arcade, Planet Zero, was on the list but Arcade UFO is a good one too! Be sure to check out the site and play the game!   read

12:22 PM on 07.20.2009

Dead Fantasy 4 out, I cream in my pants

I love Mounty Oum's work, however when Dead Fantasy 3 came out i was kind of disappointed. Not that it was bad or anything, but it just didn't live up to DF2 and was way to short. But enough of all that, Dead Fantasy 4 is out and is AMAZING. Watch it now!

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8:41 PM on 07.11.2009

HALP! I can't make up my mind! [Yay more short blogs]

So I can't decide which of these two games to pick up, I can only afford to pick up one and I'm a huge fan of both companies prior outings! It will be for my Playstation 3, as I have a fightstick for it already and most of mah friends play on the PSN.


KoF 12


3:36 PM on 06.03.2009

What I would like to see from Final Fantasy XIV

I am going to start out by saying that I am an old vet that used to play XI for about 4-5 years(lol that whole time and I still never hit 75 ;_;) Final Fantasy XI was my first MMO, and I still remember begging my mother to let me use her credit card every month and in return I wouldn’t receive an allowance, ah the barter system. Staying up for days on end, getting pwned by the mobs all of the time, finally getting out of the dunes(!) all great memories. But, by far the best memory that I can recall was the first time I logged in and heard this:


It STILL makes my eyes tear up a little, instilling a militaristic sense of duty to the player to fight for their home country, or even save the world. But enough about XI let’s get down to business!

This blog is going to be important to me because apparently FF XIV is going to be created based on user feedback, which really has me excited that this might actually make a difference! So here are my thoughts on what should be kept from XI and included in XIV:

1) No EXP loss from deaths

Nuff said

2) The ability to own and customize your own airships/Airship battles

I have always wanted to own an airship. Oh and as far as the battles go, something like what they did in Skys of Arcadia would be nice ^^

3) More class specific attack/abilities

As a melee player I was always wishing to have more move(even though there were a lot in the video most where almost never used once you got the last ones)

4) Raise the level cap to 99 or 100

A little over-board? Probably but dammit I want lvl 99 ><

5) Introduce the “Soulbound” system found in WoW to effectively kill bots

Simple. Easy. Efective.

6) Allow Add-ons

As long as they don’t hurt the gameplay allow add-ons that help players play the game!

7) Fix the craft system

Make so that I wont punch my monitor when a very expensive part of a synth doesn’t break please

8) Have instanced dungeons (not all but it would help)

9) In-game voice chat
I know things like Skype and Vent are out there but why not implement their own voice servers as part of the monthly fee(which is more than likely going to happen)

10) Chocobo Knights

I can haz please?

11) Put this song in the game somewhere

BCNM! (even though I have 110% have in Nobuo, this song is the awesome!)

12) Give me the ability to freaking punt a Taru!

Well that’s about all I can think about at the moment, but I will add more as I come up with them. Please add on to the list, as I will probably be e-mailing it all to Square eventually. Also, I would also like to vote on a name for a Destructoid Linkshell (or whatever they will using) Give me suggestions on the name and then I can start recruiting!   read

11:16 PM on 06.02.2009

Final Fantasy VII is up on psn now! (short blog, news)

It's $9.99 and it takes up about 1.3 GB of space. Stop what you are doing and get it NOW!


1:24 AM on 05.23.2009

OH! F@ck yes! [Shoet Blog, News]

HOLY CRAP! ScrewAttack owns there own gaming store now!? I hope it is up and running by the time SGC rolls around.

Anyways, I know that some of you people don't like screw attack, but i thought this would be a kewl idea for Destructoid to do. Im lookin at you Niero!   read

8:18 PM on 05.14.2009

Quite possibly the BEST PSP pack out there! [Short blog]

Awesome looking packaging! This one includes a “Mystic Silver” PSP-3000 System, DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY, FINAL FANTASY VII Advent Children, and a 2GB Memory Stick! All for $199.99.Comes out 8/25/2009!!! Pre-order here.

I feel like I'm working at best buy again by posting this, but I just found out about it and thought that some of you might appreciate it. I will probably be selling my NOT hacked one for this bundle.

Also, cocks.

Also, also, a REAL post is coming soon, I promise so don't kill me for posting this tid-bit.   read

11:36 PM on 05.04.2009

Gaming Collection Pt. 1 (Biggest thing I have ever posted edition)

About a year ago I found these awesome retro game stores in Houston called Games Plus, and a couple of months back I found out that one of the store managers used to work for my father! But, any ways there are about 4-5 locations around Houston and some of the coolest retro stuff is housed in there. Last time I was there they had a freakin Neo-Geo home console with 2 controllers and Samurai Showdown but sadly it was much to expensive for my tastes. They also had a damn near mint Atari 2600 and EVERY game for it, an Odyssey 2, a wall of NES, SNES, MEGA DRIVE and up. Also, they had the GBA remakes of Mother 1+2 and 3, and a still in the box copy of Super Mario RPG!!! One last thing that i would like to point out is that every thing is in really good condition when you buy it, cases look new games play well disks are nice, but if you are looking to trade stuff in don't bring them junk. But enough about that, go Google the store name and check it out for yourselves.

So lets kick this off with the NES games!

First up we have Final Fantasy 1, Deadly Towers, 1942, and Castlevania. Final Fantasy was one of my first finds in the store and I squealed like a little girl and had a nerd-gasm. Also, the Castlevania was in great condition too! LOL Deadly Towers is for me to take to SGC and have the AVGN sign it, or possibly shit on it.

Next up is Zelda 1, Strider, Dragon Warrior, Metal Gear, Mega Man 6, and Metroid. First off the copy of Metroid is f*cking mint! I was so happy! Also, Metal gear was the other game I got with my Final Fantasy (along with an original Nintendo blaster which is not shown) The Zelda plays well but looks like ass, but i got it from a half price book store of all places :-P The Strider, Dragon Warrior and Mega Man are just for show as I never really got into those series.

Moving on to my most recently acquired systems, the Sega Mega-Drive/Genesis (Thanks to my buddy George who gave me the system because he had 2 of them but didn't have the cords for this model which i believe is a model 1, the one with the volume knob on the front. But, all is good cause my old Master System cables work with it. Also, i got my controller for the Genesis from Games Plus too!) But anyways we've got Urban and Jungle Strike (which i am giving to George cause he needs them for his HUGE Genesis collection) Sonic 2 in the case with the booklet and the poster, Art of Fighting 1 and a Game Genie. (also there is an un-pictured Sonic and Knuckles) The Art of Fighting game is just for show (because i suck at it) and the game genie is for Sonic games for infinite lives.

SO here come the big guns, the SNES games. Most of them I got from games plus but some i had to get off of amazon (another really good place to get classic games) From the top left we've got Super Tecmo Bowl, NBA Jam T.E., F-Zero, Donkey Kong Country, Killer Instinct, Jurassic Park, Star Fox and Super Castlevania 4. I should have split these guys into 2 piles but what-ev. Super Tecmo Bowl I bought because one of my bosses at Best Buy was talkin mad smack about how good he was at it and i had to prove him wrong, but sadly I never got the chance. Ah NBA Jam, the ONLY basket ball game i will play because, well, ITS THE BEST TO THIS DAY! Also, Bill Clinton and Fresh Prince rule! But could some one enlighten me on the difference between normal and TE editions? I remember renting F-Zero like 5 billion times because mode 7 IS THE PWNZORZ!!!1! Donkey Kong Country is a classic and even though i thought Super Mario World was a better platformer i Still had to purchase it. Killer instinct was the second fighter i ever played after Street Fighter 2. Jurassic Park I bought in memory of my brother, my father, brother and I would sit around on Sundays and try to figure out how to beat this damn thing! Star Fox I bought because it is the only game my father was better at then me, and i still cant get further than him. Lol and Super Castlevania 4 i bought because i loved Castlevania: SOTN

Here are my gems, my babies. Final Fantasy 6 (jap import with box not pictured) and Super Metroid, both damn near mint and play great (even though Final Fantasy 6 is impossible to play because its all in Japanese ><) What can i say about Final Fantasy 6, probably my 3rd or 4th favorite in the series. And to tell you the truth, i bought Super Metroid cause i missed out on it as a child, and apparently everyone says its the best game on the system.

Here we have my Nintendo 64 games. 007 Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Turok 2 and NFL Blitz. I remember playing hours of golden eye after school trying to get really good at it, but never really did. Then the much better sequel came out, Perfect Dark. And boy sis i get good at this game. Me and my friend Joe would play for hours on end against Dark bots and pwning them in the face (until they cheated and got the x-ray sniper thingy) Next is Turok 2, which me and my friend Danny used to play all the time, to bad the new one blew balls. Also, NFL Blitz s the best NFL licensed game evar!

Then we have Cruisin USA/World , Killer Instinct Gold and Turok. I loved the arcade racing feel of the Cruisin series, to bad exotica wasn't very good ;_; Also, the music was great! Ooh-Yeah! Then we have Killer Instinct Gold which i bought because i played the original and loved it, and figured that I would love this one too! And i did!!! And last we have the original Turok, best in the series, with probably the coolest weapon evar! The Bow and arrow!

Now we get into the generation that made me the gamer i am today. A lot of these games inspired me to want to be a developer and one of them changed the way i viewed video games forever. First up we have Front Mission 3, Bushido Blade 1/2, and Castlevania: SOTN. Front Mission is probably the second/third best TRPG game out there and i highly recommendit to any one who even slightly like mecha and or TRPGs. (PROTIP: Dual wielding machine guns and shotguns with double shot means you win!) MMMM Bushido Blade, Samurai andd Squaresoft, this game was an insta buy for me and to this day i still play it! I love the no life bars mechanic. NO WHERE THE HELL IS THE THIRD ONE! Castlevania: SOTN best Castlevania game to date, I will fight this to the death. Awesomecharacters (Alucard, no matter how cclichéd is a total pimp!), great, no ONE OF THE BEST SOUNDTRACKS IN GAMING HISTORY, and terribly-awesome (e.g. AWFULL) voice acting. Add in the fact that you could gather about 300-400 weapons and armors (totally just pulled that number out of my ass) and the ability to level up! 2-D side scrolling perfection! CAPCOM I DEMAND SOTN2

Now we are getting into the really good shtuff! Final Fantasy 8, Parasite Eve, and Xenogears. Final Fantasy 8, probably being one of my least favorite Final Fantasy's (along with #2) is still a great RPG. Yeah squall might be emo as shite and towards the end of the game the most random shit starts to happen but there were some awesome elements to this game. The gf's where great, i LOVED the junctioning, Quistis is just f*cking sexy (oh please god whip me!) and the music and CGs where top notch. OMG Listen to me NAO! If you even remotely like the horror genre and or the RPG genre, stop reading this, goto and buy Parasite Eve. Done? Good, you will thank me. One of the weirdest stories to date, along with a hot assed main character totally customizable guns and an turn based action-rpg fighting system, mix that with a resident evil-esque story and you have one of the ps1's most under rated games. Then came Xenogears. You know what? If i start writing about this game i will go all night. Basically, if you do not own this game you suck and need to go buy it. Not to be confused with the un-succesfull (e.g. SUCKFEST) "sequels" Xenosaga, Xenogears is a brilliant masterpiece that, even though it never got fully completed still blows away most of its competition. Battle system to confusing ass plot line every thing was damn near perfection. (Also, Citan needs to learn how to STFUAJPG sometimes)

And last but certainly not least is Tobal no.1, Legend of Dragoon, Resident Evil 2, and Final Fantasy 7. Lol, you know why i bought Tobal? Cause it had a demo of Final Fantasy 7 and that is "collectors" to me. Played the actual game like twice. Legend of Dragoon is another essential if you like RPGs. Funny story though, when i first started to play the game i absolutely HATED it. Don't know why but i just couldn't stand it, and it wasn't until recently(e.g. 4 years ago) that i fell in love with it. WHERE THE HELL IS NUMBER 2 SONY! Resident Evil 2 has some back story to it for me. I NEVER played these games as a child (i was a pus), but i actually ENJOYYED watching my friend Danny play them for hours (this is including #1). Also, we actually reenacted these frequently, as we were like 10 at the time but the funny part was that we used his grandfathers REAL FING SHOTGUN to play with. It's a surprise I'im still alive! Final Fantasy 7. BEST. GAME. EVAR! OK so maybe I am totally a fan boy but i don't care, to me it is the best, and you want to know why? This game single handedly changed my perspective on video games. Emotionally, psychologically, and physically. (e.g. I cried like a bitch when Aeris died and still get a little weepy to this day... SHUT IT!, I totally flunked out of a year of high school cause i NEVER did my home work i just played the hell out of this game, and well i stayed at home and played this game so i am whiter than white and chubby as hell ><) Basically, i became serious about video games after this game. Plus you can't deny what this game did for the industry.

So what do you all think? I am opinionated and maybe even a little biased but this is my blog dammit and I will cry if i want too. This is only part of the collection and i plan on adding my more current gen stuff along with my Master System collection that i missed. Also i want to do a shoot about my systems and possibly anime/movies. Anyone interested? Let me know in the comments!

Also, I am Thinking about doing another one of my Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes! article, let me know what you think because i want to become more active in the comunity.

Until next time here are some kitties!

Also, cocks.   read

10:01 AM on 02.07.2009

10 Things you didn't think you knew about Mentok cause he TOOK YOUR MIND!!! HAHAHA!!!!!

10) I do not actually watch Harvey Birdman

Right around the time that I wanted to make an account and start blogging on the Dtoid, my old boss at Best Buy was ALLWAYS quoting Mentok, and this account is the result of that.

9) I am gay for Final Fantasy

I mean I LOVE IT! Mainly the mainstream ones 1-12, but stuff like Tactics, X-2, Crisis Core and Advent Children (not a game but still) are good too. 7 is definitely my favorite of them all (yeah roll your eyes but 7 is the game that opened my eyes to what games could truly offer). My second favorite would have to be X-2 for the killer class system and great soundtrack.

8) I fix computers all day

I have always loved fiddling with computers. When I was young I used to take them apart and put them back together, and pretty much taught myself how to fix them. Little did I know that my fascination would become my obsession and a career.

7) My first RPG’s were Super Mario RPG and Earthbound

...and to this day I have never finished them!

6) I HATE Mario

It is not that I am anti-Nintendo or any of that stupid shiz. I realize what a HUGE impact the game had on the industry. I simply cannot beat a Mario game. And not like "I get to bowser at the end and die" kind of not beat... oh no this is the I can't get past the third stage in ANY Mario game. Yeah I know I suck.

5) I am a compulsive buyer

I have to be careful going into any kind of store as there is a high probability of me walking out with 600$ worth of stuff I don't need! The worst though is the game store that sells imports and old games. (I will have to do a blog about what I have collected!)

4) I have lived in Texas all of my life

There are a lot of cows here...

3) I worked with The One Ups (and maybe Dale?) at Ikki-con 08’

Oh man. I tell you these guys put up with a lot of crap from that convention, some stuff "disappeared" and our schedule was never right. But even through all of that crap they were extremely awesome to us and all of the fans there. Also, BEST stage performance EVAR!!!!

2) I really want to make games!

I have always had ideas n stuff floating around in my head and I think once I am done with my networking degree I will go for my game design at the guild hall in Plano, TX.

1) When my brother passed away, Destructoid helped me from becoming depressed (Un-knowingly)

This is completely true as I spent many nights going through the c-blogs laughing my ass off at all of the funny people that are on this sight. Words can't explain how much I love you all!!!! Especially you Niero!

Also, kittens.


2:46 AM on 11.13.2008



SGC!? On my birthday!? And only a 3 hour drive away from where i live!!?? who the hell is comin with me?

OH it is like 3 AM and i just squealed at the top of my lungs like a little girl because Texas (or anywhere remotely near TX) actually has a gaming convention! (Screw anime conventions!)


(On a side note, I though that it was fucked up what happened to Handsome Tom and think that a couple of things that SA is doing kinda sucks, but GET THE HELL OVER IT. Hard News is great, Stuttering Craig is still funny as hell, AVGN rocks and if Colette Bennett thinks it is worth the time and effort to put her gorgeous face on their website then i am all for, Oh and they brought the south a gaming convention.)

Also ,also here is a picture for my short-blog:

Also, also, also, cocks.   read

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