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Boom! Don’t call it a comeback!

Stevil jumps into Glowbear’s saddle as he presents another episode of Ménage a Toid; the only podcast that’s dirtier and more sophisticated than a weekend with Richard E. Grant.

Joining him in this intercontinental affair are Edd Strid, Batthink, and Austrian recipe thief Roberto Plankton.

In an episode full of cassette tapes, cake and eBay, they try to figure out Wil Wheaton’s ulterior motive, wonder how Konami, creators of The Code, can lose another code altogether, predict the future from Norwich, and freak out as their host tells them about the time he saw Mortal Kombat Annihilation in the cinema.

Oh, there’s some musical interludes in-between, y’know, if you’re into that kind of thing.



0:00 – 0:21 – To Professionalism!
0:48 – 21:24 – What’s Everyone Playing? Spoiler: It’s South Park!
21:43 – 31:50 – Wil Wheaton, Dirty E-Beggar
32:37 – 40:11 – HD Remasters, Yay or Nay? Mostly, Yay!
43:25 – 53:58 – Norwich: Home of Alan Partridge and Console Predictions
54:38 – 1:08:16 – Listener Questions! Cake, First Games, Taxidermy, Lizard People!
1:08:17 – 1:11:19 – Best and Worst Videogame Movie
1:11:20 – 1:15:43 – Mortal Kombat Annihilation vs In & Out with Kevin Kline
1:16:32 – 1:17:18 – We’re Done! BUGGER OFF!


Eurotrash Theme
The City Sleeps by Satoshi Okubo (Hotel Dusk)
Main Theme by Riyou Kinugasa or Takuya Kobayashi (Deadly Premonition)
Long Journey Home by Ben Babbitt (Kentucky Route Zero)
Deduction (another version) by Shoji Meguro (Persona 4)
Not Tomorrow 1 by Akira Yamaoka (Silent Hill)
End Credits by Keegan DeWitt (Cold Weather OST)


Hello you petrified possums and welcome to...

The point of this new podcast series it to bring together Dtoidians from across the lands, talking about games and if needs be, Nazi Hentai Cards. Every episode will work on a magical rotator system, so sometimes you might have a completely different cast than on the previous episode. It keeps it fresh, exciting and eroticially offers the chance for many members front and back (ooo-err) to get to know each other and their psuedo geographically teleport them into a compressed MP3!

The pilot episode features the following cast:

Edd Strid

Multi-accented wafflings include:
Games we've been playing
Lieklyhood of now-current gen consoles being purchased anytime soon
Nazi Hentai War Cards
Anita Saarkesian the Deviantart cat burglar
Multiplayer only games
Whether it's rude to rub yourself during a podcast recording

If you'd like to find out how to get on the show, which is open to everyone, no matter where you are scattered across the globe, then check out our Forum thread, post here or nip over (and please desperately feed out following fetish) to our fresh new Twitter.

Now without further delays and waffling -

Ménage à Toid - Episode 1 Eurotrash

Listen/Download here

Intro Music - Eurotrash Theme Song
Break Music -Dark Souls -Homeward Bone
End Song - Spicegirls - If You Wanna Be