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MellowNinja's blog

1:25 PM on 08.06.2008

Rules for the Atlanta Rock Band Tournament

If you live in Atlanta, it's free to enter. Come check it out August 13 at Cheyenne Grill
(8:30pm). Check out for more info.


I was having a ridiculously hard time with this, but this seems incredibly fair to me for

Unless everyone decides to play guitar, then that will be even easier and it will be strictly
score based.

Now, on to the rules:

- Solo

- Choose your instrument (Mic, Guitar, Drums)

- Play the song I choose

- We will tally the scores in the instrument groups for the three Wednesdays beginning
August 13. Whoever has the best score in their bracket (microphone, guitar, drum) will be
in the finals. So one person from the microphones vs. one person from the drums vs. one
person from guitar.

At this point, it will be determined by percentage of notes hit. I will choose a song in the last
tier of songs for each instrument. Whoever has the best percentage of notes hit wins.

Those will be the rules followed unless everyone decides to play the same instrument.   read

12:30 PM on 07.26.2008

The Rock Band Tournament in Atlanta is happening...

In Atlanta, the Cheyenne Grille and
I are hosting a Rock Band Tournament sponsored by Budweiser. It begins Wednesday night
August 13 for three weeks.

The winner will receive a Budweiser vending machine. Maybe something like
I'm really not sure what it will look like. But rest assured, if you don't like it, Ebay it and get
some cash.

It's free to enter the tournament. Just show up, get some beer, some food and have fun.

Click here for all the
information. Or just go to my personal blog here.   read

8:20 PM on 07.16.2008

E3 Shmee Three

As a gamer, I think Microsoft's conference made the most impact.

What I loved was the update to the dashboard interface. Very Apple-esque. Avatars and
the scheduled competitive games are a great idea. That's something I foresee my wife and
I spending hours upon hours participating in.

Oh. NETFLIX! Finally! With all the survey's from Netflix asking users if they would use a
service that streamed movies to a 360, it has finally been made official. Thank you.

Now I can say good riddance to BallBusters online service and their almost monthly
price increase. Yuck...

*shakes head* Nintendo...nintendo. Do they really care anymore? I don't think so. Penny
Arcade summarized the whole conference with three
panels. Yeah,
I'd say they don't give an eff. When Reggie was actually confronted by a game
journalist, he was asked why Nintendo didn't announce any major games. He retorted, "We
announced Animal Crossing for the Wii!"

Wow! I somehow don't care! Reggie thinks I should. And, don't get me started on the Wii
Music shenanigans.

Nintendo really has left the core gamers and are actually focusing on the people who don't
even know what E3 is. Great job. Once the novelty wears off, I see the Wii tanking fast.

Sony. It was decent. Wait. I take that back. Nothing came from their conference either.
Too many promises that have been already broken in the past. Why should I believe them

MAG? Massive Action Game? This is coming from a company that has delayed Home 723
times. MAG is something we'll see touted at future E3s. I just felt like we were listening to
Sony's 2007 E3 conference again.

Oh, well. Back to some Puzzle Quest while my wife watches Project Runway.   read

4:43 PM on 07.10.2008

Great news for Mellow.

I'm not new to Destructoid, but this is my first blog entry.

I have my own blog over here.

So, I've been in talks with a local grille for the past couple weeks. Yesterday was the
beginning of seeing my plan come to fruition. Good news for Atlantans!

Soon, Atlanta will have regular game tournaments for Wii and 360 games. No, I don't hate
the PS3. (I have one and love it.) But, the restaurant/bar probably doesn't want to invest that
much until the idea kicks off.

Starting in a few weeks, we're going to have our first tournament. If any Dtoiders are
residing in Atlanta, check back soon for the details. I'll be posting the place, time and games.
It's going to RAWK.

It's free. Sorta. The tournament is free, but you have to at least contribute to the restaurant
like eat some food. I'm assuming you'd do that anyway...   read

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