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MellowBunny's blog

5:31 PM on 09.30.2010

More Than Just Noise: That Game Really Sucks!

When I think about what defines a "good game" I always think about it's gameplay,storyline, and the game's music. It's always something that just goes hand in hand with making any video game. Kind of how movies have great mu...   read

3:38 AM on 02.14.2010

Can't A Gamer Find Love? (Valentine's Day Verison)

I'm not so much bitter, but pessimistic about relationships in general. I had a whole year to think about relationships and how the whole process works out. Now I always hear "THERE ARE OTHER FISH IN THE SEA FOR YOU!!!" and ...   read

10:52 AM on 02.05.2010

DSlite=Hour Long Rides On The Train(Short Blog)

I was playing Kirby Super Star Ultra on my DSlite and I got to some thinking while I was playing. I have always had some kind of Nintendo related portable system on me since I was five. If you lived in any city like New York...   read

7:50 PM on 01.23.2010

My Adventure At Tatsunoko vs. Capcom:Nintendo World Event

Ok. So I'll start off by saying, I have to make a note to ALWAYS go to a Nintendo's events three hours early than the event is planned. Today I had some free time and I headed down to Nintendo World for the Tatsunoko vs. Capc...   read

7:53 PM on 01.04.2010

Nintendo and Sony Were My Real Parents!

Growing up I had a pretty complicated childhood, mostly due to my up bringing by my mother and step-father. My step-father was very Christian and always wanted everyone in the family to pray and watch Church on television. If...   read

11:45 PM on 12.30.2009

I Turn My Cousins Into A Zelda fans This Christmas

Kids are funny. They haven't spent much time on this earth to understand how things work and wonder from the ages of 1-12 how life works in general. They're imagination can spark from anything around them from cartoons they w...   read

10:32 AM on 11.17.2009

My First Encounter With A Xbox360 Fanboy

First of all I think this generation of consoles all have their share of problems. I personally prefer my PS3 and Wii for my gaming. That's just me, but if there is anything I hate more in this world is fanboys/girls of any s...   read

7:03 PM on 11.14.2009

Fool! You Can't Be A Teacher and A Gamer!

Going into the so called "real world" I have experienced a lot of things up till now and experiencing little by little of the adult world. When I started in going to my local community college I didn't really know what I want...   read

7:49 PM on 09.19.2009

My Cousin: The Future Gamer

You know when I first got my DS phat I didn't think my cousin would be interested in video games. I remember in the Christmas of 2007 whenever I would go to my aunt's house in MN, my cousin August at the time 4 would always ...   read

10:37 PM on 08.31.2009

Short Blog: I Betrayed My Wii Tonight

So after 2 years old Wii playing and only having that as a "current" generation console....I finally got something new. I've been waiting for this day forever and I couldn't be happier :D!!!! I FINALLY GOT A PS3 (Slim)!!!! ...   read

11:37 PM on 08.28.2009

Short blog: Thoughts on being a "Girl Gamer"

So first off I know I'm talking about a topic that's been beaten to death, but I wanted to talk about something different. Well not all too different. It's pretty much my experiences of being a female gamer. Let's get this ...   read

8:17 AM on 08.04.2009

Can't A Gamer Find Love? sucks to be single with all your friends in relationships already. Ever since my last relationship I've always wondered if similar interests really matter in a relationship or not. I mean you hear that saying "Opp...   read

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