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Nintendo and Sony Were My Real Parents!

Growing up I had a pretty complicated childhood, mostly due to my up bringing by my mother and step-father. My step-father was very Christian and always wanted everyone in the family to pray and watch Church on television. If...


My First Encounter With A Xbox360 Fanboy

First of all I think this generation of consoles all have their share of problems. I personally prefer my PS3 and Wii for my gaming. That's just me, but if there is anything I hate more in this world is fanboys/girls of any s...


My Cousin: The Future Gamer

You know when I first got my DS phat I didn't think my cousin would be interested in video games. I remember in the Christmas of 2007 whenever I would go to my aunt's house in MN, my cousin August at the time 4 would always ...


Short Blog: I Betrayed My Wii Tonight

So after 2 years old Wii playing and only having that as a "current" generation console....I finally got something new. I've been waiting for this day forever and I couldn't be happier :D!!!! I FINALLY GOT A PS3 (Slim)!!!! ...


Can't A Gamer Find Love?

Sigh....it sucks to be single with all your friends in relationships already. Ever since my last relationship I've always wondered if similar interests really matter in a relationship or not. I mean you hear that saying "Opp...


About MellowBunnyone of us since 11:42 AM on 12.03.2008

Hellos to all strangers who have clicked on to my blog! Name is Jade,like everyone else on Destructoid I love video games, also anime too. My taste in video games varies, I love RPGs,adventure,platformers,RTS and some fighting games. My favorite game of all time is Okami.I would also like to see Threads of Fate 2 made and even Klonoa games, since I had some good memories with those games.Well if you wanna know more about me don't be afraid to ask ^_^!

What else...OH I live in NYC however...I hate living in Queens, but I still love Brooklyn the BEST :D! I was born on July 4th and I've been a gamer since 1994 thanks to my brother <3!I'm currently studying to become a preschool teacher too. Personally there is something about video games I just really love about and I kind of see it like going inside a interactive book that you're playing.

Games I'm currently playing:
Valkyria Chronicles
Mario&Luigi RPG 3
Assassin's Creed 1

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