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Mellor avatar 8:57 PM on 10.04.2010  (server time)
My not-so-awesome Life! (& Games) #1

This is something I plan to do often, I don't know how often. Probably when I get new games and/or things happen. Sorry if this is bad, it's half 3 in the morning here.


The Life Part

So basically this week I've been staying at my dad's due to my mum's boyfriend's mum being sick, and I willingly gave up my room for a few weeks to allow her to be cared for. (I am a saint, I know.)

The girlfriend was having trouble with some media graphic design, so I totally bailed her out and made some damn amazing album covers. I also ate a damn load of pasta & pizza. Good weekend.

I'm also giving blood (again) on Wednesday! I recommend anybody who hasn't done it already to do it! You could save someone's life. /givebloodadvert.

Applied for some jobs, currently working with my dad at his upholstery business. It's fun taking apart crap, and I actually quite like the work (which I didn't think I would).

The Games Part

Minecraft is still crack. I'm working on a blog post that gives my opinion on what it will become (think second-life, but so much better).

Sonic Adventure has been taking up some of my time. I basically complete a character story when I'm bored, and recently finished Big's. Urgh. I fucking hate that cat. The fishing mechanic is so utterly broken it's not even funny.

Finally got into Left 4 Dead 2. Only took me a year. Been having a lot of fun with the mutation game modes, and addicted to the co-op stuff. Still would be better if I had someone to play it with. If any dtoiders are up for playing with someone who is extremely average then add me on XBL! Gamertag is Mellorrr.

Operation Flashpoint is actually quite decent. I always wanted a good tactical shooter and this fits the bill. So unforgiving though.

The Upcoming Part

Fallout: New Vegas is something I'm seriously looking forward to losing a large chunk of my life too. Fallout 3 ate up so much of my free time it became something of an addiction and my family got worried and staged an intervention (not really) but It was a great game nonetheless.


Trolling Sonic fanboy's with this is great.

Fable 3 Fable 2 was good and you know it.

Well that's all for this week, if you got a sadistic kick out of reading about my life, then good for you!

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