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Melanon's blog

11:18 PM on 08.12.2011

Testing This Bitch out


I'm new here. Figured I'd make a quick blog post or whatevs. I guess I could talk about what I've been playing recently. I just started a new game of Resident evil 5 on PC because I feel like killin zombies. This is my first time playing solo, which means its my first time playing with the AI. It was annoying as hell at first but I eventually got used to it. I've also been playing a little bit of SSFIV. Yesterday I blistered the shit out of my thumb trying to beat Seth (on easy mode). I'm so fucking bad at that game. But I love it. I don't know what it is about me and fighting games.

Anyway if you're into anime and manga, I've been reading High School of the dead, which is freakin awesome. I love that series so much. I've also been watching Usagi Drop, which is just Adorable. I'm tired now so I'm going to stop writing. If for some reason you read this, thanks. I appreciate it.

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