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Ok, I admit it - I am a member of a UK indie dev startup (comprised of a mere three chancers) called Megadev, but I've also been a Destructoid reader for ages. Both The Podcastle and HAWP give me such joy, as they feature otherwise sane people being gratuitously offensive and weird. Lovely stuff.

As a gamer, I worked my way up from a programmable Commodore PET, to a BBC (both borrowed from my Dad's school), a full-blown C64, Gameboy, Megadrive/Genesis, PS1, PS2, DS and finally...a Wii. Yeah, I'm not sure about that last choice either. I'm a huge fan of platformers, action-adventure, scrolling beat-'em-ups and weird shit in general, which is why the most experimental end of Flash and EXE gaming has commanded my attention more than mainstream titles of late. That, and being broke, aha!


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9:01 AM on 05.22.2009
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