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MechaMonkey avatar 9:24 PM on 09.03.2009  (server time)
FOP Contest: Freakishly Foppish Finery Frivolities

My dearest FOPs,

I'll not waste time regaling you with my titillation over your rather enthusiastic response to the Friends of the PAXless. With all of those rum culls and scabs on ventures to foreign shores, I'm all agog to begin our foppish fun. Which brings me to our first gentlemanly (or womanly!) competition!

To truly be a FOP, one must prove an exceptionally elegant sense of style and flair. Fops of old were renowned for the cut of their waistcoats and the architectural prowess of their wig construction. While I am certain that there are hardly any among you to be counted as shabbaroons, I charge you, my fellow FOPs, to prove to me how foppish you can be. Submit a tintype or photograph in the comments below of your most foppish regalia. Included must be a sign reading "I am a Friend of the PAXless!", or simply "FOPtoid" will do in a pinch. This is to ensure that no one infringes upon the work put in by fops outside our fair community.

Submissions can be made until Monday, 11:59 PM EST, at which time all submissions will be judged by myself, the Baron Bartholomew Blatherhedge, and perhaps one or two other FOPs of my choosing. Only those not attending PAX may enter. The prize has yet to be determined, but you have my solemn vow that I will do my best to make it worth your while.

If you have any other ideas for Foppish contests or themes for FOP blogs for the coming days, please do not hesitate to forward your correspondence posthaste to [email protected] I look forward to seeing you all in your foppish finery!

Fondest regards,

Baron Bartholomew Blatherhedge

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