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Because (PHOTO)JOURNALISM: PAX Prime 2012 Pretentious Camera Edition

I am used to being the camera guy. Among all of my friends, I am the one always carrying a fancy camera around, taking pictures and mocking their crappy point-and-shoots at every oppurtunity I could. But the first time I went to PAX, I wasn't the only person running around with a DSLR, which I should have expected at a nerd convention. So in a further effort to stand out as the photo nerd, I decided to bring my big-ass-medium-format-no-nonsense twin lens reflex camera. Last year I got some great shots out of it. I think I made an impression, considering that the first thing both Hamza and Niero said to me this year upon seeing me/it was along the lines of, “So you brought the camera again, huh?” as I nodded and grinned like an idiot. So it sounds like I've received the identity I sought, and hopefully not just because I wielded an almost alien looking camera, but because the pictures that I take help people remember all the good times that were had. But I'll let you decide.

Thursday Meetup @ Gameworks

Lost Triton (I think?) and a gentleman that I had seen several times before at past PAXs that I have yet to learn the name of. Sorry buddy.

Knives and said gentleman embracing

Spencer, LawOfThermalDynamics and One More Gentleman I Neglected To Meet.

Knives, Powerglove and Gentleman try to pretend I'm not taking their picture.

If you had seen my last photo post, you may recall me saying that you can tell when I'm drunk when I start taking pictures with flash and long exposures. Another good sign is when I screw up the focus, even though I'm using a narrow aperture and flash. What could have been.

Gobun hugging Hamza like only a drunk man could.

Eventually I followed people outside and after having a nice conversation with the always lovely Tara Long, I wandered down the street and found a homeless guy with a kitten on his shoulder. Homeless or not, that man is richer then I.

I returned to Gameworks after realizing they still had my debit card, and tried to take a picture of this ridiculous shirt, but Max and Gobun got in the way.

As the night wound down, Niero came by my lonely table and kindly talked to me. Looking at my negatives, I realized I took like five pictures of him. I can be kind of creepy when I'm drunk.


Waiting in line for the keynote. The only thing I saw for an hour and a half.

Oh boy!

As much as I hated having to leave the Q&A early, one of my favorite panels of the convention, I had to make it over to my other favorite panel of the convention.

The Destructoid panel, in all of its monochromatic majesty.

Oops. Don't cut negatives while drunk, kids.

My annual attempt at taking a terrible group photo.

And then a slightly less terrible photo.

Muddbastard presenting the new Mr. Destructoid helmet!


I present to you the evolution of a candid photograph. A Very Cool Man I Neglected To Meet, a shadow, Spencer, Beccy, Ali D and JackShadow converse, still unaware of my presence.

Now aware of my position, they engage in a classic pose and embrace. We are joined by Yet Another Cool Man I Neglected To Meet.

Once they realize that I'm not yet satisfied, things get ugly as hips are thrust, mouths are opened in order to make guttural sounds, and the obligatory sodomy position is assumed. Mr. Gobbldigook has time to hop into the picture with a silly face, completing the cycle.

Mr. Gobbldigook, JJMcCallum and a Mysterious Stranger relax around a table. If I bought more into bullshit artistry, this is were I would suggest that the empty seat is occupied by the viewer, or some such nonsense.

ScottyG (I think?) and Mr. Gobbldigook share a moment.

Knives, Ali D and an arm locked in engaging discussion

Beccy and Ali D enjoying the night together.

JJMcCallum and Knives help me demonstrate the pitfalls of having a side mounted flash.

Mr. Gobbldigook doing what he does best: making silly look sexy.

And by the end of the night, many fallen bodies laid in our wake.


A group of people at the meetup at Red Lion.

A terrible moment in which I realize that my flash isn't working. I unfortunately had to lean on my DSLR for all of this hallow night.


And with the help of Sir Gobbldigook, I end my trip with a tourist ass tourist picture.

I almost hate myself for doing this so long after the trip, because I have to remind myself of all the fun I had, all the great people I met and how long it will be until I can do it again. Circa 320 days. Goddammit. See you next year.

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