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McSnow avatar 2:41 PM on 02.01.2009  (server time)
10 things you didn't care to know about McSnow

10. I have a speech impediment.
Itís nothing severe but I do stutter and it often means that when talking, especially on the phone, I can get words confused and end up saying one thing when I meant something completely different.

9. The 1st console I owned by myself was a PS1.
My sister had been bought a Master System and a Mega Drive by my mum but I was only ever allowed to play them when she let me. Which wasn't often.
When I did get my PS1 I wasnít even allowed to play it when my mum wasnít home, she would lock it in her room when she went out, so when I came home from school I would have to wait until she finished work before I could get to it. Bitch.

8. Iím a massive LOTR fan.
And I mean massive. I've read the trilogy and the Silmarillion at least twice a year for the last 6 years. I also read the books about the books.
If there were books about the books about the books I would probably read them too.

7. I didnít own an N64 until just over two years ago.
Iíve also never completed Ocarina of Time, in fact the only N64 game Iíve ever completed is Goldeneye.

6. One of my favourite bands is Maroon 5.
Yes I know I'll get stick for admitting it but It's just something that stuck with me from an ex-girlfriend, like some nasty rash.

5. I was Atheistium's boss.
I worked with Atheistium for about a month before she moved from London to Portsmouth, I was her manager at GAME in Kingston, she was the one to introduced me to Destructoid. I owe her much thanks.

4. I have more close female friends than I do male.
Last year I got pissed off with unreliable friendships so I decided to only stay in touch with the friends who made an effort to stay in touch with me and coincidentally most of them turned out to be female. I ain't complaining, I'm so much happier now.

3. I fucked up my A-Levels because of MMOs.
I spent most of my two years 'at' college actually at home playing Star Wars Galaxies, Ragnarok Online, Lineage 2, WoW, Planetside and anything that had a social multiplayer.
I did 5 courses and should have landed B or better but finished with 2 fails, 1 D and 2 Es.
I still ended up with a decent job that I enjoy anyway so that goes to show that studying hard doesn't always get you everything.

2. I was adopted at birth.
Unfortunately I wasnít lucky enough to be raised by wolves to be some half-human/half-beast flesh eating killing machine but I was adopted by a very loving family. I hate it when someone refers to biological parents as my 'real parents', to me my real parents are the ones who have brought me up and watched me grow over the last 22 years.
I have no urge to ever go seeking my biological family.

1. I've always dreamed of running my own Dtoid style website.
Ever since I discovered the innernets when I was 12 I have wanted to design and create my own online gaming culture community, I gave up the dream about a year ago when I realised how tedious I found web design and coding.
Now Iím just happy to be a part of something as special as Destructoid and to help make it bigger and better in any way I can.

Much love. <3

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