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9:00 PM on 04.10.2009

Historical Importance of Assassin's Creed 2

So by now I am sure that every gamer has witnessed the new Altaire, now named Ezio Auditore de Firenze. Hence the new location is Italy. After reading comments from readers on Destructoid and Joystiq (nobody goes there...) I decided that some things should be clarified about the fabulous new Assassin.

Ezio is a noblemen from Florence Italy and the date takes place in the 1400s, a couple of hundred years after Assassin's Creed numero uno. This time period is also known as the Italian Renaissance, which literally means re-birth. This renaissance was considered a re-birth of the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome. It was during this period that arts and philosophies began to change. To narrow down historic importance to my point, I must get to Ezio's flamboyant garb. As a nobleman, Ezio would have been well educated in the arts and literature (since the printing press was just invented in this century). The following quote by an Italian philosopher at the time illustrates the impact this movement had on society.

"...everything that surrounds us is our own work, the work of man: all dwellings, all castles, all cities, all the edifices throughout the whole world, which are so numerous and of such quality that they resemble the works of angels rather than men. Ours are the paintings, the sculptures; ours are the trades sciences and philosophical systems." Gianozzo Manetti, 1452

The new style blends in differently from Altaire, in that Altaire blended in with the common folk as a priest. Although he had an arsenal of weapons clearly displayed. Ezio now blends in with a higher class. This will be more relevant historically as they document assassinations of important political figures. Priests or Monks at this point and place in time would have had the famous brown cloaks. Which would not have looked cool now matter how many knives you tie to your back.

Can't wait for Assassin's Creed 2!
[UPDATE, Someone corrected a piece from here on Ezio not meaning eagle. Sorry. Feel free to chime in if you suspect anything else wrong]   read

9:10 PM on 02.14.2009

Well hi there!

Hello everyone! Hopefully your all having a nice Saturday; thought I'd introduce myself with a first post here, otherwise jumping into one would be rather abrupt. I've posted some stuff about my likes in that little about section>>>> over there>>>> and I'm just killing time right now until SNL starts. Alec Baldwin is on tonight. Can't wait.

In terms of games, I like em all pretty much. I would rather not put a hate on anything here as that would be a waste of time. Now I did sell my Wii to get a 360, but that was strictly business. I do like Mario and Zelda, its just all my friends have 360s and Left 4 Dead is bundles of fun.

I actually felt pretty good selling my Wii though. I hadn't played the thing practically since I got it. Which was the day it came out. I camped over night at a Toys'R'Us with my buddy and after 12 hours of a Canadian mid november night my legs were completely purple. Worth the wait at the time.

When the family that bought the Wii came to my house to pick it up, I could see this absolute glimmer of joy in the little chaps face. The same joy I got when I first purchased it. So now it is being used, and I'd rather have a console being played then sitting collecting dust.

I'm currently waiting on Killzone 2, at which point I will buy a PSN money card and also get Flower. My PS3 controller is broken, the right analog stick is loose, and I can not afford a game and a controller. Therefore I'm going to suck it up and play Killzone 2 with a broken controller. Priorities here.

Anyhoo thats whats going on over here, um... have a good night and if you care enjoy SNL.   read

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