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A student working with writing a book, doing a podcast, and dealing with ADD and dyslexia. I got into hardcore gaming back with the first halo. I would play for hours and hours with friends. Right now I can either be found playing Halo 3 or ODST. I sometimes pop a classic game into my 360 and see how the times have changed.
Following You really need to read this guys story if you haven't already. I consider myself to be a storyteller, but this guy is a genius. Not only does he have a good story, but, he has created an album to match his story. And the songs are just what you would expect a Beatles album from the 80's would sound like. So I urge you all to give this guy a few views.

It has been reviled that several pairs of brass knuckles were sent to the press as a promotional item for The Godfather II. As it turns out for EA they are Illegal in many of the states they shipped them to, Including California In which they are based. What possible ramifications could there possible be? Where in the hell were there legal team that day? Find out after the jump.

Under criminal law it is illegal to ship weapons over state lines which apparently they violated many times. So they could be looking at some jail time or a hefty fine. In saying that California, the state they are based in, it is illegal to even have them at all.

There is a chance that they are plastic with gold chrome on them, if that happens to be the case then EA will be facing less legal action. But what did EA do after they found out about all their missteps? They ask for them back. Really, I canít make that kin of crap up. It is a Why? The reporters and bloggers that received them in the states they are illegal in would break the law by shipping them back.