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Mazmar avatar 2:41 PM on 08.27.2010  (server time)
The Chronicles of Mazmar: The Death of Charlie Gambol?

Well well well... it seems like my little plan of leading ol' Charlie Gambol into the harsh unforgiving desert of Espa on a wild goose-chase may have worked.

As you can see... Charlie Gambol is nowhere to be found. Last we saw him he was eating guano and going completely out of his mind. From what I can find using my expert lizardetective-skills I can only assume that his final cause of death was by a creature known only by the indigenous people as "CTZ".

According the these indigenous people... CTZ is some kind of cryptic symbol for a wild type of Hamza that many only believed to be a myth. Apparently this particular Hamza has a great dislike for "spammers". Hmm, seems like ol' Charles shouldn't have teamed up with Alan120 and his crooked Rolex scheme... looks like ol' Charles should have followed the rules.


If you have any more information as to Charlie Gambol's demise feel free to respond in the comments. I'd like to have some more solid evidence on his death. I'll be damned if I let that bastard anywhere near my sister Shemar... but for now I feel comfortable in labeling this case closed.

Case closed.

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