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Maxwell Roahrig's blog

11:30 PM on 11.14.2012

Backlog (aka: How Have I Not Played These Games Yet?!)

To further delay any original content, I present to you, the fine people on this here internet, my backlog. This list is in no way indicative of the order in which I'm going to play these games.

I don't know how I've gone this long without playing some of these games. Some are excusable. Lone Survivor just came out this year, and my never playing Majora's Mask can be attributed to me not being a Zelda fan. I've also never owned a Super Nintendo in my life. But some of these? Just plain inexcusable. The goal here is to write a post for each game, but if you're on Twitter, I'll be live-tweeting my thoughts as I go along.

Right now, I'm crossing one of these off my list. I just started Shadow of the Colossus for the first time, and wow. Taking down that first Colossus was really heart wrenching.

Please, feel free to chastise me in the comments. Oh, and if you have any other suggestions, hit me with them!

Shadow of the Colossus (Started)
Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Shadows of the Damned
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
Prince of Persia: Sands of Time
Silent Hill 2
Lone Survivor
STALKER: Call of Pripyat (with Realism mod)
Fatal Frame 2 + 3
Secret of Evermore
Chrono Trigger
Final Fantasy VI
Final Fantasy XII
Knights of the Old Republic 2 (with Restored Content mod)
Earthbound + Mother 3
Persona 3 + 4
Jade Empire
Demon's/Dark Souls (I can play either and get a similar experience, right?)   read

9:23 PM on 11.08.2012

An Introduction

Holy what? I haven't done an intro post yet? Fucking hell!

Some of you folks may already know me, and that's cool. But for those who don't, I'm one of those dirty heathens over at Flixist. I'm the official Robocopologist (probably putting that on my next round of business cards). Naturally, I'm a huge Robocop fan, and also like Kubrick, Chaplin, the Marx Bros., John Hughes, and a bunch of other crap.

TOP FIVE GAMES (Because why the fuck not?)

Half-Life 2
Star Fox 64
Metal Gear Solid 2
Halo CE
Quake 1

Aside from videogames, I'm really interested in art preservation, and how it applies to videogames. Eventually, I'd like to preserve games for a living. I keep hearing all of these tales from big developers and publishers saying how they don't keep the original code for the games they put out. Look at the Silent Hill HD Collection! Reverse engineering a retail copy to do the HD upscale? That's a travesty. And when I heard the source code for the original Killzone was in some IT guy's shoebox, I yelped a bit. Let's start preserving our games for future generations, publishers. It's not a bad investment.

I've been hanging out with a lot of the community folk on Twitter, but haven't really done the CBlog scene yet. I read a bunch of your guys' content (and a lot of it is freaking awesome), but have never really contributed anything of worth yet. Boo! So I'm going to try and write some stupid articles if that's alright with you guys. I think my first blog will be about how Star Fox 64 is the darkest game ever marketed towards children. Is that something you guys would read?

Oh, and this is a stupid thing that I did. Don't try that at home, kids.

Smooches.   read

1:14 AM on 10.30.2012

Zone of the Enders HD woes

This is going to be very stream of conscious and not really follow the standard blog style. Mainly, this is a list of crap marring the ZOE HD collection. I'll update this with pictures as soon as I'm able to take some.

- Upon taking off the shrink wrap of the special edition, it's hard to slip off the cover to get to the goodies inside. Whoever designed this didn't take into account that the softcover artbook, game, and remix CD would add some girth to the product and make the slip cover hard to take off. I'm fairly certain I almost ripped my cover trying to get the thing off.

- As soon as you put the PS3 copy in your console, the preview under Games shows a generic photo of Revengence Raiden. Then the text reads "METAL GEAR RISING:REVENGANCE DEMO Zone of the Enders HD". Konami clearly has no faith in this franchise outside of Japan. Just like the original ZOE on PS2, this HD remaster is basically marketed as a retail copy of the Revengance demo, with a couple of silly mech games as freebies.

- There is a separate icon for the HD collection, right above the Revengance demo icon. But the fact it defaults to the demo is suspect.

- That aformentioned demo? Yeah, you have to install it from the disc. Because that makes all the sense in the world.

- As of this writing (2:10am EST), the install has been going for about ten minutes, and it's just now at 90%.

I haven't even begun playing the game, and Konami has found new and interesting ways to screw over its products. Thanks Konami! Keep on keepin' on!

(Update 1) Just got past the first combat section of ZOE 1. So far, no framerate issues. The game looks pretty decent, considering its age.   read

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