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Maxpower avatar 11:38 PM on 02.24.2009  (server time)
Bowser is dead...

... because I chopped his head off...

and dug out the juicy innards to wear it as a war helmet.

It's actually intended for a themed dancing competition my friend is involved in. He's in charge of production and Bowser is supposed to be a key figure in a number. They couldn't find a head for rent at a decent price, so he commissioned me to make a Bowser head/helmet. Now they're only paying for materials and rental fee, so I get to keep it when they're done. At first I suggested Mikey's Bowser mask, because it was so simple and awesome, but he wanted a stronger, larger version. End result is this.

Used a Super Mario Galaxy model in Pepakura Designer to assemble as papercraft. Reinforced with fibreglass and Aqua Resin on the interior and Bondo to smooth it on the exterior. Slapped some acrylic paint on and stuffed some foam inside and called it a day. I'm not a professional, so I didn't have the proper workspace or good equipment (dremel saved my life) and took me a month and a half to finish. Despite all that, I think it turned out pretty good.

Now I can have time to do Hamza's art dealy.

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